Description of the API

Our LabsMobile API allows any application to connect to our platform for sending and receiving text messages. With quick and easy integration, your application will be able to start the process of sending SMS.

We have developed four versions of our API in different standard technologies which are compatible with any environment or programming language.

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Using the LabsMobile API you can start sending SMS text messages straight from your application in just a few minutes. It's easy, 100% compatible, comes with technical support as well as many other features.

Choose the technology which best suits your application and download the manual. We recommend reading the following useful information before beginning the process: Recommendations and best practices and Code samples.

If you have any questions, or you need support during the API integration process, please contact us here.

Technologies and manuals

LabsMobile SMS API technologies and manuals
HTTP/GETThe simplest method.version v.1.11
(PDF - 356 KB)
HTTP/POST XMLContains all features.version v.2.14
(PDF - 340 KB)
WebServiceSafe and complete.version v.1.11
(PDF - 332 KB)
MailSMSFor closed environments, no integration needed.version v.1.11
(PDF - 389 KB)
OneAPIGSMA OneAPI v3version v.1.1
(PDF - 147 KB)

Other functions of the LabsMobile API
AdminAPIMulti-user account management.version v.1.2
(PDF - 166 KB)
OTP APINumber validation using OTP codes and SMS.version v.1.1
(PDF - 186 KB)


HTTP/GET technology is the easiest to integrate. You can send SMS messages with a call to the URL of our servers and by coding the data and parameters of the messages as part of the URL.

This method makes it very simple to send an SMS and every programming language has a function available to call a URL and encode the parameters into the URL itself.

Some of the API's features are not supported in this technology. More information in the manual.

Download HTTP/GET manual


HTTP/POST technology is similar to GET, but it works by encoding the parameters into the POST variables, just as you would in HTML form.

User authentication is confirmed with session variables of the HTTP/POST call.

This technology is especially recommended for PHP and Web environments.

Download HTTP/POST manual


We recommend the WebService technology for its simplicity in the process of integration and compatibility with any language or platform using SOAP methods.

We especially recommend WebService for .NET languages and technology.

Download WebService manual


The Mail SMS method works by sending an email to LabsMobile, where our platform converts the email to a SMS.

It is important, however, that the email is sent in the correct format. The format and field details are all explained in the MailSMS manual.

The MailSMS API was designed specifically for closed environments where the application code is inaccessible.

Download MailSMS manual


OneAPI is an initiative of the GSMA to standardize communications between operators, integrators, etc.

With this API you can send SMS messages and receive status changes or confirmations of delivery.

Download OneAPI manual


This API allows you to manage multi-user accounts. You can create new accounts, manage their status and credit balance. You must have an account with multi-user functionality enabled in order to use this API.

Download Admin API manual


This API allows you to validate devices and mobile numbers with one-time passwords sent via SMS. This API allows you to create these codes and manage the entire validation process.

Download OTP API manual