Code example in programming language Visual Basic for SMS API integration

Below you will find the examples of programming code in the language Visual Basic to send SMS messages through the API of the LabsMobile platform.

You also have code examples in and other programming languages.

We recommend you to consult and take into account the following resources and help in your integration:


Example of sending for the GET version of the LabsMobile SMS API. This is a basic and simple method of sending SMS messages from an application or software created in Visual Basic passing all the parameters in the same url.

It is important to encode all the values ​​as url (with the function urlencode() for example).

You can see and download the GET API manual of LabsMobile in the following URL:

Public Function SendSMSLabsMobile(Sender As String, Phone As String, SendDateTime As String, Message As String, Test As String, AllowLongMessage As String) As String

    Dim SendString As String
    Dim ResultCall As String
	Dim gAccountLM As String = ""
	Dim gPasswordLM As String = "password"

    If SendDateTime = "" Then
        SendString = "" & _
             "?username=" & gAccountLM & _
             "&password=" & gPasswordLM + _
             "&sender=" & Sender + _
             "&long=" & LongMessage + _
             "&test=" & Test + _
             "&msisdn=" & Phone + _
             "&message=" + ozURLEncode(Message)
        SendString = "" & _
             "?&username=" & gAccountLM & _
             "&password=" & gPasswordLM + _
             "&sender=" & Sender + _
             "&scheduled=" & SendDateTime + _
             "&long=" & LongMessage + _
             "&test=" & Test + _
             "&msisdn=" & Phone + _
             "&message=" + ozURLEncode(Message)
    End If

    ResultCall = SendRequest(SendString)

    If Trim(ResultCall) <> "" Then
        Dim x As Long: Dim y As Long
        Dim CodeRes As String: Dim TmpCodeRes As String
        x = InStr(1, ResultCall, "<Code>", vbTextCompare)
        If x = 0 Then
            CodeRes = 99
            TmpCodeRes = Mid(ResultCall, x + 6, 4)
            y = InStr(1, TmpCodeRes, "<", vbTextCompare)
            CodeRes = Mid(TmpCodeRes, 1, y - 1)
        End If

        Select Case Val(CodeRes)
            Case 0
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "Ok"
            Case 30
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "There was an error while sending the message"
            Case 35
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "No enough credit"
            Case 36
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "Incorrect phone number"
            Case 37
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "The account has reached the maximum number of sendings per day"
            Case 39
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "Incorrect scheduled datetime"
            Case 40
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "The user cannot send scheduled messages"
            Case 41
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "You cannot send scheduled messages in test mode"
            Case Else
                SendSMSLabsMobile = "Unexpected error - Message not sent"
        End Select
    End If

End Function

Public Function SendRequest(ByVal strUrl As String) As String
    Dim ozData As String
    Dim ozConnOpen As Long, ozGetFile As Long
    Dim ozReturnValue As Long, ozBuffer As String * 128

    ozConnOpen = InternetOpen("Ozeki HTTP client", 1, vbNullString, vbNullString, 0)
    ozGetFile = InternetOpenUrl(ozConnOpen, strUrl, vbNullString, 0, &H4000000, 0)
    If ozGetFile = 0 Then
        MsgBox "Unviable connection", vbExclamation, "Error"
        Exit Function
                End If

                InternetReadFile ozGetFile, ozBuffer, 128, ozReturnValue
    ozData = ozBuffer
    Do While ozReturnValue <> 0
    InternetReadFile ozGetFile, ozBuffer, 128, ozReturnValue
            ozData = ozData + Mid(ozBuffer, 1, ozReturnValue)

    InternetCloseHandle ozGetFile
    InternetCloseHandle ozConnOpen

    SendRequest = ozData
    ozData = ""
End Function

Public Function ozURLEncode(ByVal Text As String) As String
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim ozCode As Integer
    Dim char As String

    ozURLEncode = Text

    For i = Len(ozURLEncode) To 1 Step -1
        ozCode = Asc(Mid$(ozURLEncode, i, 1))
        Select Case ozCode
            Case 48 To 57, 65 To 90, 97 To 122
                ' Do not replace the alphanumeric characters
            Case 32
                ' Replace the space character with "+"
                Mid$(ozURLEncode, i, 1) = "+"
            Case Else
                ' Replace the national characters with a percent sign and the characters hexadecimal Value
                ozURLEncode = Left$(ozURLEncode, i - 1) & "%" & Hex$(ozCode) & Mid$ _
                    (ozURLEncode, i + 1)
        End Select

End Function
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