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LabsMobile SMS API technologies and manuals
HTTP/GETThe simplest method.version v.1.11
(PDF - 356 KB)
HTTP/POSTContains all features.version v.2.14
(PDF - 340 KB)
WebServiceSafe and complete.version v.1.11
(PDF - 332 KB)
MailSMSFor closed environments, no integration needed.version v.1.11
(PDF - 389 KB)
OneAPIGSMA OneAPI v3version v.1.1
(PDF - 147 KB)

Other functions of the LabsMobile API
AdminAPIMulti-user account management.version v.1.2
(PDF - 166 KB)
OTP APINumber validation using OTP codes and SMS.version v.1.1
(PDF - 186 KB)

Code examples

Plugins and extensions