SMS in business and corporate communication

98%. The average open rate of emails globally is 21.33%, while the open rate of SMS is 98%.

55%. According to a global study, 55% of consumers prefer to be reminded of their appointment by SMS, compared to 35% who prefer by email. With this, many companies that rely on support for their revenue will greatly improve their business.

90%. Studies show that 90% of consumers do not usually answer calls from unknown numbers, so SMS messages allow always communicate and gain confidence without being as intrusive as a direct call.

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What does Web SMS include?

Sending SMS from Web

Through the SMS Web you will be able to send Bulk SMS messages manually or automatically. You will be able to manage the agenda, the templates, the files and schedule the messages to be sent at a date and time. You can also customize the sender or the message for Standard, Unicode or Certified SMS messages.

Manage your address book

The agenda or database is essential when sending SMS messages. Through LabsMobile SMS Web you can import and export these databases in different formats and you can also manage their cleaning, updating or segmentation.

Landing web SMS

LabsMobile's SMS Landings service will allow you to create your own landing pages directly designed and optimized for mobile devices, always ensuring the best user experience.

Through the use of images, discount codes and action buttons you will improve the effectiveness of your actions and increase the interaction of your campaigns.

In SMS Web you will find all the design templates of SMS Landings that can be customized and tailored to your needs. The system of sending tests and simulation of the campaign, the possibility of geolocation of visits and last but not least, tracking with Google Analytics.

Web SMS reception

LabsMobile has the Web SMS reception service or also called Virtual Numbers. These numbers do not correspond to any real phone, but are virtual numbers that allow customers to receive SMS reply messages from users.

Messages sent with the contracted Virtual Number as the sender may be answered by the recipients. These replies are displayed in the WebSMS application and can also be forwarded by email or to a customer URL.

In order to receive this type of Online SMS messages, you will have to access the SMS websites and request this service (different conditions for each country).

Automatic reports, results and statistics

In SMS Web, once the messages or campaigns have been sent, it is possible to obtain in real time different types of information about the status of the messages, the confirmations of delivery or the description of possible errors.

Messages that could not be delivered generate an error. The reason for the error can be the parameters or information of the message itself, an invalid or inactive number or it can also be due to an incident in the GSM network. The corresponding error is displayed in the application along with a detailed description and the time at which it was generated.

In the statistics and results section of the Web SMS application you can also view results of link clicks in more detail. These statistics study all the data obtained from a click and the users who generated them. This last data is very important to segment the recipients according to their loyalty.

Purchase of packs and recharges

In the Purchase packs or recharges section of the LabsMobile Web SMS application you can manage the purchase of the exact number of SMS messages you need, without paying extra costs.

There are also multiple payment methods (depending on the country) and the automatic recharges feature so that your account never runs out of credits.

SMS Links

From LabsMobile SMS Web you can Send SMS with links or urls. We offer an in-house shortlink service (or url shortener). You will also be able to manage unsubscribe links and attach different types of files and attached urls without any hassle and easily.

SMS account setup and support

Last but not least, in the Web SMS application you will find everything you need to configure your account and all the help and support needed with tutorials, FAQs and support.

LabsMobile offers its customers the Technical Support for any questions or issues. We always keep users informed of the resolution or response to any query in record time through the Support Center (via chat and ticketing).

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