Bulk SMS campaigns or sendings

Create and use short urls in your SMS campaigns and sendings.

In the following LabsMobile video tutorial, we will guide you step by step to obtain and analyze the results and metrics of your bulk SMS campaigns. This process is crucial to optimize and improve the effectiveness of your communications.

First, you will access your WebSMS account in LabsMobile, a comprehensive control panel to manage services related to your SMS campaigns. Here, you will be able to filter and monitor sent messages, checking their status (processed, sent, delivered, among others) and obtain details such as sender, destination number, and date sent.An essential feature is the click tracking display, especially useful if your messages contain links. This allows you to see detailed data about each click, such as IP address, device used, and geographic location.

You can also export all this data into a CSV file, which makes it easier for you to perform deeper and more customized analysis of your results.

In the realm of specific metrics, LabsMobile offers a variety of detailed statistics. For example, you can access delivery confirmation rate, message error rate, average confirmation and processing time, as well as analysis on clicks on external links. These statistics will help you better understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and help you make adjustments to maximize your reach.

This tutorial is an indispensable tool for analyzing and continuously improving your bulk SMS campaigns, ensuring that each message sent adds value to your communication strategy.

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