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SMS is the most reliable mobile messaging channel with an open rate of over 98%. It is not surprising then that it is the preferred method for companies in many sectors to reach their audience.

Being a universal service you can be sure that your message will reach your audience directly and in a few seconds. In addition, the LabsMobile platform contains an analytics and statistical measurement service that will confirm this for you.

How can we help you send SMS?

Send SMS

The sending SMS LabsMobile portal has all the facilities and services to ensure that your Mobile Marketing campaigns or your SMS notifications always reach the recipient.

Send single or bulk text messages through LabsMobile's WebSMS or through the API SMS of easy integration with any software.

Receive SMS

In LabsMobile we have a SMS reception service that will allow you to receive messages through a virtual number contracted. The SMS received are free of charge (except for some countries), and you only pay for the monthly maintenance of the virtual number (cost depending on the country).

Ask our sales representatives about the rates, availability and conditions of Virtual Numbers depending on the country, the type of message and volume discounts.

SMS Landing Page

In SMS mailings you can add a little extra to your SMS campaigns with a landing page customized and fully optimized and adapted for your brand. In these SMS Landings you can include call-to-action buttons, modify images, include links, geolocate visits, social networks or customize the url.

LabsMobile has an extensive catalog of SMS Landings templates by sector and created by a group of graphic designers specialized in mobile conversion.

LabsMobile's SMS Landings Editor is completely free and is included in the WebSMS platform. Any user can choose and customize the templates easily and quickly.

These external links in the form of Landing pages provide our customers with a substantial improvement in interaction and conversion of their rich communications.


Integrate SMS messages into your organization's existing services and processes to transform the way you communicate with your customers in a matter of minutes. Follow the API integration steps and automate transactional, marketing and promotional communications increasing the efficiency of your actions and campaigns.

Our SMS API is fully compatible with all environments (http/GET, http/POST JSON, http/POST XML, Mail2SMS, WebService, OneApi, etc.) and programming languages so you can send bulk SMS easily and quickly adding the benefits of the SMS channel to your brand.

Learn more about LabsMobile's SMS API.

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SMS Surveys and Ratings

Sending SMS Online also works great for getting feedback from your customers, and it is for this reason that we encourage you to use SMS messages to send surveys and reviews with links to find out their experience.

SMS Quotes

You know from statistics that 21% of people forget their medical appointments and do not attend the consultation. The reminders via SMS allow you to avoid no-shows and manage last minute changes. Sending SMS Online to remind appointments at doctors, health centers, beauty salons... helps companies to communicate with their patients quickly and efficiently, without wasting time and money.

SMS Plugins

In LabsMobile we have modules and plugins developed for different platforms such as Wordpress, PrestaShop, Moodle, etc.

These modules or plugins will allow you to integrate easily and without programming with the LabsMobile platform for sending SMS. Eliminate the difficulties of communicating with customers and send messages automatically and massively.

Discover here the plugins, modules and applications that you can install with a single click and send messages in a few minutes without any integration or programming.

SMS by Email

Through the Mail2SMS LabsMobile service allows you to send an email with a specific format and the recipient receives an SMS. This way you can speed up your SMS sending sending emails that will be converted into SMS messages with the content and parameters you choose.

Certified SMS

The Certified SMS are binding documents with legal value, that is, they work as legal proof before any legal or administrative process. Certified SMS messages are a good solution to send official communications in a more effective and economical way to traditional means, such as burofax or registered letter.

Certified messages can be sent from the WebSMS application or from the LabsMobile SMS API. When sending a certified SMS, an e-mail is attached where you will receive a PDF certification document. This document certifies that the message has been sent to the recipient and also the content of the message.

Unicode SMS

The SMS Unicode message sending service facilitates the sending of messages containing characters of the UCS-2 (or Unicode) alphabet, i.e. any symbol or character. This includes accents, symbols of any alphabet and even emojis.

A Unicode SMS message has a capacity of 70 characters and can be extended to 500 characters by concatenating different messages. Send Unicode SMS messages from our WebSMS application or through the SMS API.

OTP Codes and SMS Security

SMS messages are a very useful tool to increase the security of your applications and processes. There are a multitude of SMS Security use cases to suit your organization's needs.

OTP (One Time Password) codes sent in an SMS message are used to validate a mobile number associated with a specific person. Thanks to the telephone operators' records, it is possible to reliably identify a person who has a number contracted at a given time.

In addition, it is also useful to validate a contact method with a customer or user. Once a mobile number has been verified and associated with a user, it is possible to make contact in an easy way and also as a safeguard against infringements or illegal actions.

By sending OTP passwords in SMS messages you will increase the security of your Apps or Websites with 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) authentication processes, and you will avoid unauthorized access due to simple or poorly protected passwords.

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