Online SMS Features

Send SMS online to improve your business communication. We explain the main features of the SMS channel that make this technology the most efficient and the one with the best results for most processes and communications.

Immediacy. Send Bulk SMS Online, in instants

By sending SMS from the Internet you will be able to communicate with all your contacts in seconds and very quickly. Import your contact lists in various formats and start Send SMS from WebSMS or API. The SMS API will allow you to send Bulk SMS messages in a single tool integrated to your CRM or Business Software.

Customizable and automated templates

Avoid wasting time writing the same message many times and use the automated SMS sending templates. You will be able to include the name of the personalized recipient, the date you want it to be sent and the text or notification. This way you will provide a more personal, segmented and efficient service.

Customize the sender's name

LabsMobile allows you in many countries to personalize the sender for free. This way the recipient will receive all messages in the same conversation and will instantly know who is sending the SMS message. This will increase visibility and open rate.

Measure your results in real time

The LabsMobile platform for sending SMS Online allows you to manage all your SMS campaigns and analyze the results of your SMS messages to optimize future actions. You can also download reports to help you improve your professional communication and maximize your conversions. And it will even allow you to clean your database to avoid sending SMS messages to non-existent or ineffective phones.

Receive SMS over the Internet easily

LabsMobile is one of the few SMS providers for companies that offers a service of sending and receiving SMS online. With our Receive SMS service you will receive SMS messages through a virtual number. It is necessary to contract this reception number in each of the sending countries (check the availability in your country).

So with this service it is possible to create two-way communications through SMS messages, sending a message with the virtual number as the sender and receiving the replies on the platform.

Enrich your SMS messages Online

Sending SMS messages to your customers using the special characters of your language and well spelled is one of the features of the SMS LabsMobile platform. Use the SMS Unicode that will allow you to send texts with accents, emojis, symbols or other specific characters.

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How to use LabsMobile's Online SMS messaging services

First of all you must register in the LabsMobile platform with an email address. This does not generate any obligation or permanence, but you can enjoy a free trial. Once the account is created you will be able to contract the different services within the platform. You will also have chat support and online technical support that will accompany you throughout the process and whenever you need it.

You can enjoy the service of sending SMS Online through WebSMS or through the integration with our API SMS. Consult our sales and support team to find out what best suits your needs and request a custom quote.

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