What are bulk SMS messages?

Sending Bulk SMS is a technique that consists of sending an SMS text message to multiple recipients. With LabsMobile you can prepare your contact list of recipients, compose the text, include content or links and send them all an SMS in a few seconds.

SMS, with an open rate of 98%, is the most efficient service for business communication today and allows you to contact your customers at any time and directly on their mobile phones that they always carry with them.

Why send bulk SMS to your customers?

  •    - Its opening rate is 98%.
  •    - Because it is the most effective channel to communicate with your customers.
  •    - You will be able to manage the bulk SMS sendings quickly, easily and economically.
  •    - Increase your conversion rate.

Send bulk SMS with Landing

With the SMS Landing service at no additional cost, it is possible to send Bulk SMS with a web Landing in a url. These SMS messages extend the 160 characters with unlimited information and multimedia content with a greater visual impact.

WebSMS Analytics

With the statistics and analytics system of our WebSMS application you will be able to control all the results of your SMS messages and campaigns.

Each SMS message provides the following data and results:

  •    - Delivery confirmation (day/time the SMS has reached the recipient).
  •    - Error reason or incidence in case the message could not be delivered.
  •    - Click count and information on the clicks made on the urls sent in the message text.
  •    - Behavioral and analytical data on the Landing Web.

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What do you need to know about LabsMobile Bulk SMS sending?

The sender is customizable. With the personalized sender of bulk SMS messages you can include your company name and increase brand visibility. The sender consists of up to 11 characters between uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers.

You can customize the message. Use the dynamic fields to customize your bulk SMS messages.

Enrich your SMS. Use SMS Landings to improve your message content and visibility.

Add an unsubscribe link. Offer your customers the possibility to unsubscribe from your service and comply with the regulations.

Pay only what you need. LabsMobile works with a prepaid SMS credit system. No registration, no maintenance and no extra fees. SMS credits have a different cost depending on the destination country, type of message and volume.

You save time and money. Bulk SMS is the most effective form of communication to connect with customers.

Create templates on the platform. Create and save your text templates for your Bulk SMS Sendings. At LabsMobile we give you examples. Ask us and we will help you make your sendings and campaigns more effective.

Create lists and groups. Organize your bulk SMS campaigns with lists and groups of contacts easily.

Create user subaccounts and manage them easily.

Payment facilities. LabsMobile facilitates online payment methods (credit/debit card, local methods, transfer, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, etc.), in addition to being able to recharge credits at any time.

Availability of a free technical support system. We help you to set up your SMS sending system completely free of charge, in addition to giving you constant support (via chat and ticketing) in any problem that may arise in your Bulk SMS sending.

Customized quotes and quotations for large volumes.

Confirmation of delivery. Our Web SMS Application will allow you to have delivery confirmations as well as all kinds of analytics.

International coverage in more than 200 countries, especially with top quality direct routes in Europe and LATAM.

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