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SMS texts. Some ideas to send messages to your customers

SMS texts are essential tools in today’s marketing world. They allow you to establish closer contact with your customers. LabsMobile offers the possibility of creating different kinds of SMS campaigns - segmented, programmable, automated, and inexpensive. 

If you still don’t know what kind of messages you can send, take notes of the following ideas for SMS campaigns.

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Publication: 12.04.2019
Última modificación: 06.20.2022
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SMS texts. Some ideas to send messages to your customers

1Birthday greetings

Many customers would love to get a greeting on their special day. This also helps to make your customers loyal to your company, since it helps build trust.

“Celebrate your birthday with us, Beatrice! Present this SMS and get a 30% discount in any of our stores”

2 Appointment reminders

Messages to remind people of their appointments are one of the best communication strategies you can find.

Please read this example: 

“Good morning, John. Remember you have an appointment with doctor Ruiz tomorrow at 9 AM at José Manuel Cruz Hospital, on the third floor, room 303. To confirm your appointment, please call the customer service line: 01800997788. Thank you!”

3 Promotional text messages.

Promotional SMS texts are the most widely used type of message since they make for a fast and efficient marketing method.

Take a look at the following examples:

“Hello, Martha. We are celebrating our anniversary! Come to one of our stores and check out the crazy prices we have for you. This offer will only be available until the end of the month”

“LAST DAYS! 10% DISCOUNT on Mid Season Sale. Up to 50% both in physical WRT stores and online with CODE 556. Valid until 11/14/19. Non-cumulative.  +info/stop SMS

4 Cross-Selling

It means that, after a customer makes a purchase at your store, he or she will receive a promotional message to complement this purchase with a second product. It’s a suggestion based on their original purchase. This way, you have more opportunities to sell your products.  

“Great choice, Fred! If you want to complement your new shoes, you have a 15% discount on shirts and pants. You just have to present this SMS. This offer is valid until the end of November”.

5 Thank your customers for their loyalty

Your customers will appreciate it if you invite them to events or you give them a special gift. Make a list of people who have been to your store more than once. Text them to show your gratitude.  

Here’s an example:

“Patricia, we really appreciate your loyalty. That’s why we want to invite you to the conference “How to take care of your heart”, conducted by doctor Martin Ruiz on 5th August. Please confirm attendance on our website”.

6Confirm transactions.

You can use SMS texts to inform your customers about a transaction in their bank account, credit card, or to inform them about the shipping of a package to their place of residence.


Our bank confirms a $15.000 purchase at the flower shop El sol on 10/15/19 at 17.50 paid by credit card. If you have any inquiries about this purchase, please call our customer service line: 018000556677”.


Suggestions to create better SMS messages

Here are some suggestions for your SMS campaigns.

  1. Try not to be invasive. Show customers that you respect their will by asking if they are interested in receiving informative and promotional text messages.
  2. Preferably, send your messages by noon or in the afternoon. Avoid doing it at night and on Sundays.
  3. Make sure your customers don’t receive more than 5 SMS texts a month.
  4. Follow a conventional structure in your messages. Start with a greeting, present an offer, and then say goodbye.

Sending SMS messages is a great marketing strategy in today’s world, which is gaining more prestige every day, being deemed more efficient than ads on social media. That is why it is essential your company incorporates this method.

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