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SMS examples. Cross-selling in tourism sector or additional sales.

Aug 30, 2019
SMS examples. Cross-selling in tourism sector or additional sales.
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We want to explain how the high tourist season is the ideal time for hoteliers to take advantage of SMS sending to generate additional sales, since customers are in purchasing process. 

Databases in the hotel sector. 

Before sending any Marketing SMS to customers, the company must make sure that it has the client’s permission to send this type of messages. You can read here our post on General Data Protection Regulation and how to obtain permissions to send messages to your database. 

Acquiring a phone number is one thing, but using it for marketing purposes is another. As long as you have covered this and follow the various guidelines for SMS marketing, you will be ready.

The first step for any hotel is to find a way to encourage customers to deliver the most protected personal information: the mobile phone number. A way to do this is to invite customers to be part of an exclusive club. This has proven to be very effective even with customers who have not yet committed to a reservation.

Other examples: 
An example is to offer confirmed guests improved rooms at “discount” prices, fulfilling the promise they have already made of VIP offers.

For example, a client who has reserved a standard double room may be offered an upgrade to a suite for a relatively small additional fee. If the guest is made to feel that this is a very personal offer reserved exclusively for them, then they will most likely accept it in most cases.

Not only it increase revenue with an additional sales venue, it also involves a customer who will feel that it has exceeded their expectations by providing them with an even better experience. 

Sample message:

“Dear Mr. Alexander, as a member of our VIP club, we would like to offer you this exclusive opportunity to update your room for € 40 extra per night. Enjoy a luxurious stay at a fraction of the usual price. To book now, call your personal manager David at 01902 123 123. Full T&C in your hotel. Send a message with the word STOP to 87007 to stop receiving these messages “.

Sending key SMS messages for hotels:

  • The client is named by his first name or last name to give an immediate personal touch. 
  • The text reminds the client of their “VIP” status. 
  • The customer is reminded that this is an exclusive offer just for them. Exclusiveness. 
  • The offer invites them to enjoy luxury in exchange for a small additional payment. 
  • The guest has a personal manager with a name to make them feel even more exclusive. 
  • Legal requirements are met: voluntary exclusion. Always keeping the law. 

Despite the relatively small number of words, a great deal of things have been conveyed in this simple, direct and effective message that takes advantage of the inherent human satisfaction of “going up in the world”. 

When should additional services be offered via SMS to increase sales?

When it comes to additional sales, time is essential. They are usually offered by the time of booking through the online platform that the guest has chosen to use.  

A strategy used by many hotels is to offer customers who have resisted online sales the opportunity to update upon arrival.

By sending SMS one or two days before the guest travels, hotels can take another opportunity to increase the reservation at a time when the guest is much less likely to feel stressed or tired. 

Examples of cross-selling SMS for hotels. 

Hotels not necessarily have to offer “big” incentives such as room improvements to increase revenue. They can offer small extras with significant added value. Some examples are: passes to the gym or spa, discount at the pool, restaurant or bar offer, 2×1 on some items, etc.

These promotions or small extras offered in SMS message format have to be very carefully designed. Also some limitations, such as offering it for a certain time (during the week, on the weekend, a long weekend, etc.). This way the client will feel that it can be a great offer for him.

Cross-selling in tourism sector or additional sales.

Imagine you have a hotel with a restaurant. A guest has booked a room for two with breakfast only from Tuesday to Thursday. You send the following message:

“Hi Brian, would you like to avoid the crowds and have dinner in peace? Enjoy a variety of meals and the varied dinner menu in our elegant 4-star restaurant for only € 15/night. Visit to see galeries, examples of menus. Send DINNER to book your restaurant pass now. Send STOP to stop receiving these messages.”

The message received by the guest encourages him to connect online to get to know the restaurant atmosphere and menu, and thus see if he might like the offer. 

knowledge is power in the case of SMS. 

Either to take advantage of additional sales or cross-selling, but the real key is knowing who your customers are and the preferences they have for their stay.  This way you can design products and offers that cover the specific needs they have (luxury, honeymoon, privacy, gastronomy, etc.).

A business person travelling at the height of the tourist season may need practical and professional solutions, such as additional work space, higher internet speeds, as well as an opportunity to relax after a workday.

Taking the time to find out the nature and preferences of your guests can provide you with the information you need to get real value from personalized SMS marketing. 

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