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SMS Templates: How they can help your business

A platform for sending SMS will allow you to reach a wide audience automatically. This is particularly beneficial to medium and large businesses. To make this process even more agile, it is possible to use SMS templates. These are texts that the creator writes and designs just once, and then saves in a platform to use them later as many times as needed. This function is very useful as it is possible to send many messages without having to write the text all the time. You just need to select the correct template and that’s it.

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Publication: 12.13.2019
Última modificación: 10.13.2022

These are some of the most frequent uses our clients give to this function.

Appointment Reminder

This use is very popular in the field of health, though it can be adapted to a great variety of businesses, like a hairdressing shop, art workshops and more. The client just needs to write the message selecting the parts that will be static and the ones that have to adapt to the information the user needs. Then, the message is automatized so it is sent with a certain notice time.


The companies that use this type of templates the most are clothes shops, cars, home improvement and those who sell physical products. This type of messages are particularly useful to notify every potential client about future discounts. Your clients can also be given special codes so they can enter the virtual store or be reminded of specific dates that are getting closer, like Christmas.


Birthday Greetings

This type of messages are very appreciated by clients, because they help them connect to the brand and makes them feel important for the business. Once you have the birthday date in your database, you can program a template so it is send in the corresponding date with a greeting.

User Experience

Knowing what your clients think about your business is vital to know about your strengths and weaknesses and then make suitable decisions. This type of template is very useful to achieve this goal. You can automate them so your clients get an SMS after purchasing something in your store or after visiting your office. It is recommended that you offer your client something in exchange for their time, like a discount, to motivate them to complete the questionnaire.

Use them wisely for best results

SMS templates are the best ally of anyone who uses SMS marketing for their business. If you have to send similar messages constantly, this tool will save you a lot of time, and you can do it in  simple way with LabsMobile. To take advantage of this fully, remember to use dynamic fields.

That is to say, we recommend that a part of the message changes according to the data of the user. This may be to add their name, surname, a schedule, or their date of birth, among others. In this way, your clients will feel the message is directed specifically to them, and there will be more possibilities that they pay attention to it. In this way, you will also encourage a close relationship with the brand, and all thanks to SMS templates.

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