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SMS for companies have an opening rate of 98%, and almost all of them are opened within the first 3 minutes of receipt. With LabsMobile you can create the best campaigns with the most efficient platform on the market. Discover our WebSMS and API SMS integration for companies.

Our platform is an effective tool to communicate with your customers both to send notifications and promotions. In addition to helping you in marketing and loyalty actions. With SMS advertising campaigns you will increase your sales and conversions directly and gain in brand position.

Thanks to the SMS routes selected by LabsMobile with the main mobile operators around the world, the messages will arrive in a few seconds. And with the Web SMS monitoring system, you will be able to track SMS deliveries, results and campaign success.

At LabsMobile we help you create your first SMS Marketing campaign with free support from our expert team with more than 10 years of experience.

Why does SMS Marketing work?

It is immediate

The messages sent through the LabsMobile platform arrive almost immediately (in a few seconds) to the recipient. In addition, the user reads them within the first three minutes of receipt, since the cell phone is always at hand.

It is universal

It means that every person who owns a cell phone can receive SMs regardless of the model, the internet connection or the technology they have. They also do not need any application or software to download or install. All cell phones have an Inbox SMS from the factory.

It is reliable

LabsMobile SMS is a monitored and controlled technology to avoid fraud. In addition, GSM provides a degree of security as it circulates over a proprietary communication network that is not interceptable. This is very important to use SMS in many authentication and security processes.

It is economical and cost-effective

An SMS campaign on LabsMobile has a reduced cost considering the high read rate, and you only pay for the SMS sent.

SMS Marketing is affordable for all types of budgets but our sales team will also make you a suitable offer according to your sending volume.

It is measurable

From an SMS message we can know the delivery rate and the click rate. It is for this reason that you can test different strategies and thus measure the results to better fine-tune your campaigns, texts, databases, etc.

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SMS Marketing Best Practices

1. Take care the date and time of sending. Try not to bother on weekends or at night. Do not send messages too often or recurring, since the recipients will be less favorable.

2. Keep an eye on the text of the message, the spelling and always write in a respectful but friendly tone.

3. Include a clear and simple call to action to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

4. Personalize the sender and the text of the message whenever possible. It will help build customer loyalty and give them a degree of trust.

5. Include a link or url, an SMS web landing page or an image. You should always offer your customers the possibility to unsubscribe or contact you. In addition, adding a link or a SMS Landing is a way for them to get more information or learn more about your campaign.

6. Remember that you need the prior permission and consent of the recipients in order to send SMS messages. You will have to take into account the legislation of each country to obtain your database.

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