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Marketing SMS for Black Friday: the only guide you’ll ever need

Black Friday is one of the most important commercial dates of the year. Many businesses and stores participate in this event and offer many promotions and discounts.

To promote purchases and maximize results today it is crucial to carry out a digital marketing campaign during Black Friday. Using SMS is one of the main tools, being superior to emails. Competence is fierce, so you’ll need to take advantage of every possible resource to catch the clients’ attention.

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Publication: 10.16.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

The Value of Black Friday

It originated in the USA, but Black Friday has expanded to Europe and the rest of the world. With great popularity, it takes place every end of November each year. 

Many companies that participate offer their products and services with important discounts. These vary between 25% and can reach 50%. Additionally, this date shows the beginning of the buying season for Christmas.

Anyway, all this information needs to be communicated to clients. In this way, they will know the true value of Black Friday and opportunities that should not be overlooked. SMS are an ideal tool for this, as they assure a high open-rate that is above 95%.  

Messages are short, so you need to highlight info and be clear in the content of this. You need to help clients want to buy. 

Transmit emotions after the pandemic. Encourage people

It has been proven that people don’t like to receive emotionless messages. The rate of answers to chain messages, cold and robot-like, is very low. 

For this reason, avoid this type of content and focus on personalized messages that let you establish a more personal relationship with clients. 

Add emotion and try to transmit feelings in your message. This is the main objective, even more, this year so difficult for people due to the pandemic. Help people get better and raise your sales. 

The Christmas season is related to happiness and affection towards your loved ones. Use this in your favour, as messages with an emotional factor generate an increase in the answer rate in 60%.

Reward loyalty with SMS

Every business has regular clients that purchase all through the year. With them, you have a much closer relationship and know more about their interests. Dates like Black Friday bring about an increase in sales, with new clients that only interact in certain moments.

This difference should get a reward. Loyal clients should be rewarded. For example, using personalized SMS you can have some advantages like: 

  • Additional discounts of 5% or 10%
  • Priority when purchasing limited products.
  • Free home delivery

These are some examples for loyal clients that will probably make sure they choose your store over others. 

The urgency in the SMS is a MUST

The sense of urgency is a very useful resource to use in SMS. It makes clients feel a need to buy during the Black Friday. 

However, you shouldn’t go too far and seem desperate to sell. Ideally, you should sound natural without being obvious. For example, “take advantage of Black Friday offers, valid until tonight”.

A message in that style encourages purchases by clients at the same time that provokes certain urgency. If they don’t buy within this period of time, they lose the chance. 

SMS Landings: the best tool for visibility

The biggest advantage of SMS is its brevity. This raises the reading rate and helps users understand the message quickly. However, there are occasions where the character limit does not allow you to reach your objective. 

In these cases, you can use SMS Landings. These are optimized websites you can access via an SMS, using an external link. When you click on them, the user is redirected to these sites.

For example: “use our discounts of up to 50%. Click here and find a complete catalogue with offers”.

Marketing SMS for Black Friday: the only guide you’ll ever need.

LabsMobile offers a very complete service for the design of SMS marketing campaigns. It has all the necessary tools to make all the features available for the user. For example, you can send personalized mass SMS, segment phone numbers, use a database and control panel, and more.

¡Use them for free to get to know LabsMobile and start designing your campaign for Black Friday!

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