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Three ways to effectively improve your Black Friday SMS marketing campaign and increase sales

Nov 06, 2018
Three ways to effectively improve your Black Friday SMS marketing campaign and increase sales
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What is Black Friday?

Do you know that Black Friday is as important for online stores as it is for the high street? Companies want to give their customers the best possible offers, so they boost sales as much as possible on this unique day in the year. LabsMobile annually breaks the record for the most messages sent during the week leading up to Black Friday, and then again on the day itself.

SMS messaging: an essential tool for Black Friday. 

Three ways to effectively improve your Black Friday SMS marketing campaign.


We recommend that you read this article carefully before creating your SMS campaign for Black Friday. We estimate that there will be a lot of competition from other businesses, and most importantly, huge discounts on the sale of clothes, electronics, furniture, decoration and white goods.

Keep in mind that in 2018, nearly 45% of electronic goods were bought from retailers using a mobile phone. This makes it vitally important that you are up to date with technology that is being developed for mobile phones and other devices.

The time that your customers spend on their mobiles on work breaks, in cafes and when waiting at the airport or station, for example, has created more opportunities to make sales.

SMS messaging is an essential tool in creating a successful marketing strategy on Black Friday.

How to create a successful SMS campaign for Black Friday

  •      Reach out to your customers

With an open rate close to 100%, SMS is the best way to inform your customers about Black Friday. Therefore, we highly recommend that you send SMS reminders of the date and discounts.

  •      Create a Black Friday promotion

Sending Promotions is another effective way of using mobile messaging.

With LabsMobile, you can send bulk messages with specific promotions for Black Friday. Promotions are usually discounts, 2 for 1, or free gifts.

It is important that you customize your sender name so the customer immediately knows who you are when they receive the message.

Then write about your promotion or discount. Remember that if you want to send messages that contain letters with accents, or that are larger than 160 characters, you should use UNICODE (LabsMobile provides this service).

Lastly, at the end of the message you should add in your short URL. Make sure it contains https:// at the beginning so it generates a preview of the web page in mobiles that are compatible.

Set the URL to take the customer directly to the page where they can purchase the item(s) included in the promotion or offer, and easily complete the transaction. This will streamline the sales process.

  •      Build an SMS landing page

This is the third way you can make your SMS messaging campaign more effective.

Include an attractive landing page that is specifically designed for mobiles to increase the open rate of your message, and your sales from SMS campaigns.

For example, if you want to increase your conversion rate from 20% to 30% with your SMS campaign for Black Friday, we recommend that you create a landing page that is eye-catching and easily navigated on a mobile. At LabsMobile, we have incorporated an SMS Landings editor that is totally free and easy to use, so you can modify different templates for each sector of your business. It has an easy-to-use design that lets you build landing pages that are perfectly optimized for mobiles, without the need for a specialist web developer.



RCS – multifunctional communication of the future

In the very near future LabsMobile will incorporate RCS into SMS messaging giving you more control of integrated actions. It will allow marketing teams to create buttons for user actions or events, like sales buttons, direct payment, QR codes, integrated chats, location and downloads.

The marketing methods of today and of the future offer commercial strategies focused on communication, and will provide a unique multifunctional experience for customers. These are methods that will increase customer loyalty, and help them to feel valued by the brand.

If you are looking to integrate SMS messaging into your company and create the best campaigns for Black Friday, LabsMobile is the platform for you. We will help you with everything and give you the best advice on mobile marketing campaigns to foster customer loyalty and increase sales.