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Discount campaigns for your SMS shipments

Currently, one of the most common uses of sending mass messages is transactional information, but also advertising.

To hook our audience, we have to send messages with attractive content…this almost always translates into promotions and discounts.

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Publication: 09.05.2022
Última modificación: 09.28.2022

In this article, we name some of the discounts that most often attract the attention of our users, while at the same time building loyalty to our brand for service.

There are different types of discounts, some follow the commercial calendar and others may be strategies specific to our business.

For this, a preliminary study is carried out and it is scheduled. It is important to segment and divides up this type of action so as not to saturate the client and to achieve that factor of exclusivity.

Below, we list some of the most common discounts and some examples for you to apply to your SMS marketing strategy.

Types of discounts



The programming of sales discounts is usually every season. They consist of a selection of products that have limited use for a period that coincides with summer, winter, etc.

Due to product rotation, the company is interested in getting the maximum possible number of pieces to be able to buy new ones.

The way to do it is to present discounts to all users, including an extra discount for already registered customers.

  • 30% discount on all sportswear for this summer
  • Get -20% on soft drinks in all men's suits


First purchases

To encourage purchases among new customers, many businesses offer an initial discount for the first purchase.

This action is very well received and has many results, as it allows us to make ourselves known in the most practical way, which is to use our service and learn about our product with an encouraging action.

The user discovers what we can offer and also enjoys a benefit with an initial discount to encourage him to sell.

This action stands out in many online businesses in the form of a pop-up, which is why it is one of the first pieces of information that the customer receives when accessing the service page

  • 10% on your first purchase for an amount greater than €150
  • Get free shipping on your first purchase

Discounts SMS


Purchase/friend reward

Many companies reward customers for making a previous purchase or for having another user sign up.

One of the objectives of the brands is that the users speak well and make positive comments and the feedback of the people makes their positive fame grow in the market of the competition. The best way to do this is to somehow invite friends and returning customers to be satisfied.

Examples of this type include:

  • Get an additional -20% on your second purchase when you spend more than €50
  • Bring a friend and get an additional -10% for you and -10% for your friend


Workers and collaborators

In this smaller group are the family & friends discounts.

Many companies promote the well-being and satisfaction of their most important customers: their workers or collaborators.

In this way, a series of benefits, discounts, and promotions are presented in a "private" way that is not available to other users who are not part of the internal network.

This allows workers to feel valued, and happier and have a part of recognition when using these benefits.


Specific public

Discount campaigns are dedicated to a specific audience such as parents of newborns, university students, etc.

The campaigns that focus on a segment of your customers make it particularly attract attention and even encourage the purchase due to an event that has to occur in a short period and which is necessary for that target that we have segmented.

For example:

  • Back to the classroom, get your tablet with 100% financing with 0% interest
  • All baby clothes at -20% for the purchase of cots and high chairs.6



This type of discount is one of the oldest since we have been able to find them in large areas continuously.

This action can also be transferred to e-commerce. For the purchase of a product, you can get another one for free.

Like any other promotion, this can be studied by the business and decide what is the second element to offer with the promotion.

  • 2x1 in suitcases with wheels. Buy a 30L one and get the same one in 10L size!
  • Get your 2x1 promotion in a set of sheets for a double bed.

Discount campaigns for your SMS shipments

As we have seen, discounts not only serve to lower the entire price, but also to retain customers and, above all, give them a more personalized treatment.

These actions with the promotional SMS as an element are a very powerful tool when it comes to achieving results in terms of conversion.

These types of messages are very attractive both for the receiver (because of the offer) and for the sender (loyalty, reduced stock, etc.) but they must be planned in an annual communication plan to do it gradually and studied.

When many messages are sent, the value of the content itself loses, so these actions go through the planning of a studied and contrasted annual calendar.

Once done, you just have to launch the discount rates and make our brand gain loyalty and more users.

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