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6 pieces of advice about SMS to boost efficient communication in child care

Many schools and education centers are getting ready to start their activities in a traditional way. Today more than ever, and because of the situation in the world, it’s fundamental to have a quick and effective system of communication. SMS are presented then as an ideal option.

Text messages are quick and efficient, guaranteeing a very high open rate. With the LabsMobile platform, you can send SMSin a massive way to communicate with the parents of children. Here we present you with 6 pieces of advice about SMS to boost efficient communication about child care so you can achieve success almost effortlessly.

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Publication: 09.20.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022
Categories: Education

6 pieces of advice about SMS for efficient communication in child care

There are many objectives and uses you can give to text messages. They will depend on each particular situation. Some of the options are the following:

1Institutional information

SMS are an ideal channel to send informative messages in a massive and concise way to parents. You can inform them about important facts, like the closing of the building to disinfect, the appearance of a case of COVID, among others.

2Reminder of documents parents have to present

Many institutions usually ask for different documents about students. In these times, especially about the vaccines they have received. With a simple SMS, you can let parents know about these requirements.

3Information about spots

It may happen that different educational centers function in different groups of children instead of having them all together. With SMS, you can communicate in an efficient way about the day they need to go. You can also communicate the opening of a new spot in any of the groups.

4Reduce administrative times

One of the main advantages of SMS is that you program them with anticipation. Then, they’ll be sent in an automatic way within the established times. This helps people liberate administrative loads in employees inside educational centers, for example.

5Establish communication groups

In LabsMobile, you can create a database, with all the information about children. This allows you to segment with specific groups in mind that share activities and schedules. Then, you can send the best information using SMS only to those who find it relevant.

6Confirming attendance

COVID-19’s situation makes educational centers take special measures like reducing groups. To guarantee the children’s attendance, you can send SMS to the parents for them to say whether the child is coming or not.

6 pieces of advice about SMS to boost efficient communication in child care

Without a doubt, SMS can make child care simpler, especially for educational centers. Try out our LabsMobile platform and take a look at all the benefits of SMS for communication.

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