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LabsMobile is now an SMS provider for SchoolTime

The integration of the educational software SchoolTime with the SMS platform LabsMobile has recently been completed in September.

Any educational institution using this software will now be able to utilize the LabsMobile SMS platform for its SMS communications.

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Publication: 11.10.2016
Última modificación: 10.13.2022

The SchoolTime project, developed by the company STPL Global, is a technological platform for the comprehensive management of any educational institution, and is available in more than 3,800 educational institutions over the whole world.

The SchoolTime software services include the academic management of any personal profile (students, parents, professors etc.), administration management as well as a multitude of other aspects related to an educational institution.

SchoolTime also manages communications, utilizing SMS messages for the majority of communication that requires direct or immediate notification. These communications ensure that the educational institution can function properly, and in a lot of cases, increase the quality of education and decrease absenteeism, among other advantages. SMS technology is key in this process, and is very important for the educational sector.

Some of the SMS services that the SchoolTime software includes are:

  • SMS alerts in the case of student absences.
  • Programmed notifications by tutors or administrators.
  • Alerts regarding tasks or pending work via SMS.
  • Sending credentials and passwords by SMS to users.
  • Information about public festivals and holidays.
  • SMS notifications about calendar events and exams.

These are just some of the uses of SMS messaging in the SchoolTime software. However, new communications can be implemented via SMS according to the needs of each school. Examples of these needs could be informing pupils of test or exam results, regular weather reports etc.  

With this integration, LabsMobile is expanding its market in the education sector and its activity in Asia and Africa where SchoolTime is more active.

Configuring LabsMobile as an SMS gateway in SchoolTime is very simple and can be done directly through the administration panel. The first step is to create a user account on our platform website. The following links explain how to configure SchoolTime to send SMS notifications with LabsMobile:

Any institution or center interested in the SchoolTime software can get in touch with us. We at LabsMobile would also be interested in integrating our platform with other software or any other type of project.

LabsMobile is now an SMS provider for SchoolTime

We are passionate about businesses getting to know our SMS messaging services and making our platform accessible to as many users as possible.

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