Examples and case studies for the sector education and training

This sector includes schools, language academies, libraries, universities, oppositions, courses, conferences, online training, ...

SMS in the education and training sector is a fast and safe means of communication between the center, students and their families. SMS messages arrive efficiently and immediately to the entire community.

All of this allows a good communication between the different agents that integrate this community, increasing the registrations to courses, events or others, and promoting a good offer for extracurricular activities, courses or events.

SMS communication can facilitate many of the administrative tasks of an educational center such as payments, notifications, authorizations, absences, etc. All this facilitates the work of the staff of the center and also allows the students or parents to be always informed.

Possible uses

  • Enrollment information
  • Reminder of exams and relevant dates
  • Communication of notes and exams
  • Class schedules, opening or events
  • Messages with documentation or important information
  • Assistance confirmation
  • Notification of absences
  • Information about last minute changes
  • Payment notification
  • Sending notifications or authorizations


Other sectors

Success stories

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