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Write SMS messages. The best examples of massive SMS

Sending massive SMS from your company can help you improve your brand image, optimize your time and save resources. Next, we are giving you some SMS examples of different areas so that you can have references to design SMS messages correctly written for your target audience.

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Publication: 03.16.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022

Examples of useful SMS commercials for your company.

To start, as regards the characteristics of the characters, you can use 160 characters without stresses or  70 characters if they take stresses, emoticons or other special characters. 

These are some of the massive SMS which will help you improve your company outcomes: 

SMS reminder

You must send SMS reminders to inform your clients about specific events. Also, you can use it to let them know about the coming appointments. Dental clinics usually send this type of message.

Example: "The dental clinic reminds you that your appointment for the day x at x pm/am. To make a change, you can call this number x”. This message would be correct because it is clear and concise.

Confirmation SMS 

They are ideal to be sent after an online purchase and they serve to guarantee more efficient delivery. Also, they allow you to keep track of your clients’ purchases. They give trust to users.

Most of the automobile companies tend to send this type of message to capture their clients once they have asked for the budget or have registered on the webpage.

For example: "Welcome to the company x. Soon, we will send you the information you have asked for so that you are updated about the new tendencies of the sector. A hug!”

Birthday SMS 

Sending your clients a personalized message to congratulate them for their birthday will help you build customer loyalty. You can give them a special offer and present so that they feel special in their day. 

For example: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY X. All the staff wishes you a happy day. We attach a detail we want to have with you.”


Promotional offer SMS 

These are the ones most companies use in their SMS marketing campaigns. It is one of the most effective tools for your clients to receive an SMS without having access to the Internet.

For example: "Hello x. We facilitate an exclusive discount for you because you deserve it! X code."

Loyalty SMS 

They are essential to get to know your clients’ opinion and they will help you boost your brand’s image. You will establish direct communication with them.

Example: "Hello! would you help us to improve the brand’s experience? If you answer this survey you will get a 50% discount on your next order."

Write SMS messages. The best examples of massive SMS.

Definitely, if your company writes SMS messages, you will get a great number of people in record time. In addition, you can send SMS to your clients easily and without investing big money amounts.

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