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What are flash sales, ¿what are they and how can you benefit from them with SMS?

One of the main objectives of digital marketingis to increase the interest in a partner and, as a consequence, the sales of a company's product or service. To do this, there are many techniques that can be used, such as flash or impulse sales.

This is a type of impulse sale, which seeks to generate a sense of urgency for the customer with limited promotions, especially with regard to the validity period. To carry out this type of sales, SMS messages will be your great ally.

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Publication: 01.31.2022
Última modificación: 06.13.2022
Categories: SMS Marketing

What are the flash sales?

As we mentioned, flash sales are those offers or promotions that have a short duration in time, such as a weekend sale. Your limit may be in the available time you have, or also in the number of stock units.

What you should look for with a flash sale is to generate a feeling of urgency or scarcity in the customer, which awakens an impulse to buy the products on sale without an exhaustive search or study of alternatives. SMS are ideal for this type of sales due to their main characteristics: they are sent quickly, directly and massively, they have a high open rate, they are brief and the user will remember the message without issues.

How to achieve flash sales with SMS?

To achieve flash sales with SMS, one of the key points is the call to action of the message. You have to take advantage of its length to get to the point, without beating around the bush or exaggerating. We must get the customer to react according to our objective, that is, for them to complete the purchase. The 160 characters of a standard SMS are few but enough to transmit a promotion. The basic elements are: 

  • Personalized greetings with the name of the user
  • Communicating how much does the promotion include (quantity or percentage)
  • Limited dates (“only until “X”) or units (“until reaching X units”).
  • Call to action such as “take advantage of this opportunity now”, “buy now”, etc.

An example of flash sales could be: “Important discounts in our store! Only this weekend, discounts of up to 35%. Purchase at the best price!”.

  • Another very important element of SMS are the links, or SMS Landing. This is an external page that adds more information to the text message with just one click. For example, it can be a photo with the complete catalog of offers, a link to the company's official store, information on accepted payment methods, etc. It is very important that this landing page or website does not have links or connections with other products as it could distract the user or postpone the flash purchase.
  • Choosing the right times to develop a flash sale makes the difference between a successful campaign or one that fails. It is very common to carry them out during the weekend, midday breaks, in the afternoon at the end of the working day. That is, when people have more free time. Try not to send SMS very early in the morning, nor at night, since you will have less chances that the message will be read and the instant purchase will be lost.

In the LabsMobile control panel, you will find all of this data stored so that you can analyze the open rates of the SMS and choose the best time slots for you.

To whom is your flash sale directed?

This type of sale can be directed to different types of clients:

  • Loyal clients, as an additional incentive for them to purchase more. In this sense, it’s possible to segment existing clients that can be interested in the offer because people have visited or bought similar products.
  • Sporadic clients, who purchase every other time or that need to buy a similar product because of what they previously purchased. You can attract them with a special promotion. 
  • New clients or potential ones that have not yet purchased, and who can get to know the company with an initial offer.

What are flash sales, ¿what are they and how can you benefit from them with SMS?

In order to carry out a flash sale using SMS, there are several crucial elements to consider. One of them is to have an effective and segmented database, where the information about all customers is stored in order to personalize the campaign. Start using the LabsMobile platform today and make as many flash sales as you want!

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