Published: Jul 24, 2017
Last update: Feb 12, 2019
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SMS in digital marketing

SMS in Digital Marketing
SMS in digital marketing
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Sending SMS, you can create an interactive experience for the client.However, this doesn’t mean you can send messages without planning, but about targeting your desired customers and develop an appropriate strategy.

Digital marketing is on the rise, so it’s highly important to create attractive content that will seduce potential customers. Keeping in contact with customers is vitally important as part of an effective communication strategy. It is something that you should never leave to the wayside, and if you’re a company, this can easily be done by sending SMS. But what are the advantages of sending SMS?

Reaching potential customer

One advantage of is that compared to traditional advertising techniques, SMS reach a specific audience. Unlike phone calls or emails (which often end up in the spam folder), many customers like receiving SMS, and this will help you to initiate an interaction with your potential customers.

By sending SMS, you are creating an interactive experience for the client. However, this doesn’t mean you can send messages without planning, but about targeting your desired customers and develop an appropriate strategy. If you want to utilize this method properly, automation is the key to achieving your goals.

Automation and marketing

So why is automation useful? Firstly, it will help you to save time. You’ll be able to plan the sending of SMS on a regular basis, increasing your chance of reaching your target market. This will avoid all the work of updating your database and selecting the customers you’re going to send the message to every time, and will stop you from having to repeat the same steps of a communication strategy every time you want to use it.

Another important advantage of automation is the ability to apply filters and personalize messages. Despite sounding relatively simple, this is an important part of your business. Imagine that you have an offer that you want to send just to the customers that have bought a specific type of product, whether because it’s related to their purchase or because you want to reward them for spending money with you. A filter will let you know in seconds who belongs to this target market, and alleviate the work of having to manually select all those customers.

You can also establish filters for other criteria, such as age and gender, so your message is received by your desired audience. This won’t just decrease your workload, but your customers and potential customers will feel as if the message is personalized, something which benefits your company brand image.

Automating your marketing strategy with SMS will also allow you to track your customers and their activity. If an offer is about to expire and some customers are yet to take advantage of it, you can send them a reminder simply and easily.

The last point that’s important to keep in mind is that although it’s common for new clients to be added to the database, it’s also common that some decide to unsubscribe. Automation will help you to save the time and manual work you need to keep your database up-to-date every day. Every time a customer joins or takes themselves off your list, this is updated automatically.

It’s easy to see, therefore, that SMS is a valuable tool in creating an effective communication strategy, which differs from traditional advertising in its ability to reach a specific target market. By automating these processes, you’ll be able to improve the results of your strategy and save planning time.