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Use SMS messages to promote your summer sale campaign

SMS is one of the most effective marketing campaign methods that you can implement. With an average open rate of 98%, it is the ideal system to launch your next summer sales campaign.

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Publication: 09.13.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022

SMS marketing and the summer sales

During the sales, you should think about how to exploit all the channels you have at your disposal. One channel you can use to create campaigns is SMS.

Companies specialized in this type of marketing, like LabsMobile, offer multiple tools that allow users to segment their audience and personalize content to increase conversion rates. You can use dynamic fields to personalize content and make customers feel more valued. Through SMS, you can communicate with your clients and offer them the best promotions before the sales begin, or on the day the sales begin. Or you can try to reach a totally new audience segment.

Prepare for your next campaign with a segmented bulk messaging campaign

So, you have already read the key points which makes this channel one of the best for bulk messaging campaigns, but there’s more. Effectively handling a campaign like the summer sales requires the ability to send out bulk messages to your target audiences. You’ll also want to create a campaign that is segmented to different audiences, and as personalized as possible. This means segmenting every one of your commercial actions according to your audience.


If you sell perfume, for example, you could create a campaign segmented by gender for sales and promotions.

If you sell sports clothing, you could segment your campaign by gender, or by sport.

Use SMS to send promotional codes and increase customer loyalty. Let them know of unique events happening at your store. This will increase the conversion rate of SMS campaigns in the future.

Call to action

There is nothing better than using an SMSLanding to show personalized content to target groups with a CTA button that triggers the payment process. Put together a page with product examples, mobile compatible, easy to read and above all, with a call to action that is totally integrated and simple to complete. Don’t wait any longer and prepare your summer sales campaign with SMS Marketing.

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