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The WordPress plugin for sending SMS that will bring you closer to your users

If you want to incorporate bulk SMS messaging in to your WordPress website, you'll need the WordPress SMS plugin.

WordPress is one of the most highly used content platforms today. Its versatility allows users to create all types of websites.

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Publication: 11.10.2015
Última modificación: 06.28.2022

WordPress isn't only a platform for blogs. Although in the past its use was more limited to this, the platform has rapidly evolved to become a versatile and adaptable content management system. Its uses span from blogs to conventional websites, online shops and mobile applications.

The WordPress plugin for sending SMS that will bring you closer to your users

The best thing about WordPress is its flexibility, versatility and how easy it is to pick up and learn how to use - all reasons why it's becoming more and more popular. It's not a surprise that there are more plugins and extensions being released focused around managing the website and extending its features.

There are plugins which allow pages to be optimised for SEO, to correct content spelling and grammar, adapt the content, manage purchases...

At LabsMobile we focus on the WordPress SMS plugin. The plugin allows us to create SMS campaigns, send SMS messages in bulk, and manage everything all from one place on WordPress, using the WebSMS platform which we offer to all of our users.

Once the website is active, the next step is to interact with users and clients. This is what makes the plugin a vital tool to help you control your business: it's easy to install and allows you to send SMS messages in bulk simply and easily. You can make announcements in newsletters and send notifications to keep recipients up-to-date and in touch with your brand.

The use of this plugin is completely free and is available from the WordPress plugin database.

What can I do with this bulk SMS messaging plugin? 

  • Send SMS to endless numbers of WordPress subscribers and users.
  • Create newsletters by SMS. Currently 91% of adults use their mobiles regularly. Unlike email, with bulk SMS messaging the chances that people read your messages is very high.
  • Send codes to complete subscriptions and make them more secure.
  • Notify your users of new posts.
  • You can notify your WordPress account administrator of user comments, new registered users and subscriptions.
  • Can be integrated with WooCommerce.

These are some of the functions which the WordPress SMS plugin allows you to do. When paired with the LabsMobile services, it helps users to manage the sending of bulk SMS messages in an easy, automatic and efficient way. For more information about the management services which we offer, take a look here or get in contact.

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