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The keys to SMS hotel marketing during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is making the hotel companies have to re-do their organization plans. Did you know that some of the best marketing keys are to try for your clients to feel part of a company? In times of sanitary alert, innovation and technology help us communicate with clients safely and quickly. Have you heard of SMS for hotels? Take notes.

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Publication: 08.26.2020
Última modificación: 10.21.2022

The importance of SMS for the pandemic

Using SMS during the coronavirus pandemic is an excellent option for those touristic places that are worried about the wellbeing of their clients. Without a doubt, this is a very efficient way to inform your guests about the food times, closed spaces open to the general public, information about sanitary rules, safety measures, etc. 

Almost everyone today has a mobile phone and, to a great extent, knows how SMS works. Additionally, foreign clients don’t need to have an Internet connection, as these messages work through a phone line. These are all advantages! This is a straightforward and useful way to send an informative text to a set number of people. With just one click, you can reach a broad audience.

Similarly, even though SMS is not recent, this is one of the safest. Different from current messaging apps, this way of communication prevents not allowed access to the mobile phone. 

Besides, it protects users from programming attacks. 

The SMS for hotels as a marketing strategy

Before introducing this communication technique, you must redefine your objectives, adapting them to the new sanitary reality. What do you want to transmit to clients? If you were a host, what information would you like to have? In the case of hotels or touristic apartments, clients likely look for necessary information about hygiene and sanitary measures during meals.

You must know your target public’s needs. In the middle of a sanitary crisis, people are not interested in promotional content. COVID-19 has opened a world of opportunities, in addition to showing the most caring side of companies and individuals. In these moments, the most important thing is to inform efficiently and quickly.

So, it’s a great idea to create text messages where you offer some advice on how to avoid the virus’ transmission. In this way, the hygiene norms will get directly to every client in an establishment. To prevent contagion among hosts, they should be informed at all times about updates in the safety of the hotel.

The keys to SMS hotel marketing during the pandemic

sms hotel marketing

Besides, have you thought that SMS could be used as a tool for feedback? What clients have to say is always very important, so satisfaction polls can be a very useful marketingtool when knowing more about their priorities.

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