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The Decalogue to create a successful SMS marketing campaign

Among the commercial promotion strategies, SMS marketing is one of the most efficient. 90% of the users continuously check out their mobile telephones.

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Publication: 07.24.2019
Última modificación: 10.21.2022

Ten advices for your success:

1 Define your campaign goal.

The starting point is to be specific about your campaign goal: launch campaign, special offers and deals, event invitation… Attract clients and build non client loyalty.

2 Segment your database.

To make sure you are only addressing those clients who are interested in your service or product it is indispensable to have a database where you can limit the profile of your contacts to the maximum.

3 Create customers data sheets.

The first sign of a campaign success is the percentage of opened messages.  This percentage should not be lower than 93%. This is why an updated database is needed.

4 Choose your keywords wisely.

An SMS must be brief and concise. The propensity to action is more easily achieved with short messages. Moreover, it must be built using a language that is understandable by the chosen recipient.

5 Choose the right time.

Send your messages when the likelihood is greater that your recipients are more perceptive. Review your previous message sending and check the results of the most effective moments.

In summary:

  • Do not send messages at conventionally untimely hours, basically from 10:00 p.m. to 08:00 a.m. and holidays.
  • Do not make abusive use of SMS to avoid being intrusive.

6 Respect the text structure.

To avoid mistakes, follow the classic structure of hook, offer and link to the website, which you must keep optimized.

Add a link SMS.

The response will be more favourable if you include a landing page designed for mobile devices in the message.

Landing Templates SMS

Analyse earlier campaigns.

You can access KPI’s directly from your platform, which are indicators that you should analyze to know the profitability of your previous campaigns. This way you will be able to correct previous mistakes and improve the return on your investment.

Encourage social media interaction.

Social media interaction is an incredible tool to stimulate users and to get visibility of your brand.

10 Address your recipients in a direct, upbeat way and make them feel special.

The Decalogue to create a successful SMS marketing campaign

We all like to be considered unique, and there are two helpful tools to be used with your clients:

  • Customized SMS with variable fields, with the automatic message fill in option with any of your database criteria.
  • SMS with sender custom

Giving the fact that 89 % of the users read messages received from familiar brands, it is really important to pay attention to every single detail.

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