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The best tips for a successful SMS campaign

SMS campaigns are one of the most important tools for corporate and personal communications. Especially when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. In these cases, the line between a successful and a non-successful campaign is very thin, with certain elements to consider. 

These features are key to achieving your goals. It will be crucial to pay attention to them, especially during your first SMS campaigns. As you gain experience, many of these things will become automatic and you’ll carry them out perfectly well without thinking about them. Here are the best tips for a successful SMS campaign.

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Publication: 01.26.2022
Última modificación: 06.13.2022

The elements to consider during your SMS campaign

The first thing to take into account is that SMS campaigns are not random or casual, but you need to plan them accordingly to be successful. Then, it’s necessary to define your main objectives (such as increasing sales) and how you will carry them out, your focus audience, the type of message, etc.

Then, there are certain particular elements that require more emphasis. Some of these are:

1 Personalizing the sender

It’s very important to establish trust and safety with clients. For this, personalizing the sender is a big step, which is what the clients will see when they get the message. Instead of being a phone number, it will be the name of the company or a well-known employee. Even with LabsMobile, you can send verified senders by Google that generate more reliability and avoid fraud. 

2 Using a friendly tone

A formal tone is not useful for SMS campaigns. Actually, you have to create a pleasant and relaxed relationship with your clients, using a tone as if it were a daily conversation. Nor should it be exaggerated: this is a client, not a friend.

3 A clear and concise call to action

One of the biggest advantages of SMS is that they are short and easy to read. Users can receive them at any time and they won’t forget about their content. So, the content of the message must be concise, without beating around the bush, with the call to action that you want to achieve.

For example, if the objective is to increase sales through discounts: "(Name), take advantage of discounts this weekend and buy (product) 50% off".

4 Personalizing messages

Generic messages are synonymous with failure. No client likes to receive an artificial message, which seems to be sent by a bot. Instead, personalizing each message improves the company-customer relationship, and goes a long way toward success.

Therefore, each message must begin with the customer's name. For this, it is key to use a database. In LabsMobile you can import an existing database, or create a new one.

5 Using an SMS Landing

External links can be added to SMS, known as SMS Landing, which complements the message. For example, you can send an image with the complete catalogue of offers to show your client: “(Name), take advantage of all kinds of promotions during the weekend. Click here to find the complete catalogue of offers!”

6 Giving them the possibility of unsubscribing

Not all users want to receive promotional messages. It can also happen that a client is not interested in a particular campaign. For this reason, it is key to give them the chance to unsubscribe from the database and stop receiving your SMS.

For example, “if you don’t want to receive more information, answer this message with the word “unsubscribe”.

The best tips for a successful SMS campaign

These are some of the elements of an SMS campaign that you must take into account to maximize your chances of success. With the LabsMobile platform, you will be able to do all of this without problems, as well as analyze all the data of the campaign in the control panel.

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