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SMS trends in 2023

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Publication: 03.03.2023
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Discover the SMS trends in 2023! SMS continues to be a growing channel. More and more companies are using it to communicate with their customers. Its open rate reaches 98%.

This shows that consumers prefer to talk with brands through this channel, rather than others.

Marketing trends for 2023 confirm that text messages will continue to be one of the most effective communication strategies for companies.

Take advantage of the effectiveness of SMS and use it in your digital strategy! And to do so, keep in mind these SMS trends in 2023.

1.Personalized messages

They reach users directly. And by being personalized, it helps people to take action. It also creates a connection between the user and the company. 

In order to send personalized messages, it is necessary to know previously some data such as name, surname, language, location, etc.

2.Commerce by message

More and more companies are using SMS to make promotions, sales or create loyalty with their consumers.

Messages are no longer simply a text message. Now they can also include a gif, an image or even a landing page. So they are much more attractive and convince the consumer to take action.

3.Useful and practical content

Messages can also be functional. For example, send appointment reminders, package delivery and shipping notifications, invoices, two-factor verification,....

This is a way to guarantee that the user will receive the message and read it, since SMS is a direct channel with a high open rate.

4.Customer loyalty

Another trend is to build customer loyalty through SMS marketing. To do this, campaigns will be created to create expectation, and at the same time they will be of quality, so as not to saturate them with empty notes. 

They will be participatory messages in which they will be able to give their opinion in a survey, or receive discounts / gifts for their birthday.....

5.SMS, customer service channel

The text message is incorporated as another customer service channel. Thus, if the user has any doubts, he/she can communicate them to the company quickly and easily.

This channel generates professionalism and trust. It also reduces the distance between people and brands, creating the possibility of immediate communication.

In conclusion, the use of SMS is becoming more and more widespread at the corporate level, thanks to its good open rate and the trust it generates in all users. And to get the most out of it, you need to take into account all the trends of 2023 and apply them to your marketing and sales strategy.

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