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SMS to regain your money: Manage your non-payments automatically.

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    Ever since the economic crisis started, all of us have suffered from an increase in unpaid invoices. This has caused a long list of claims. So, to avoid this type of process, now you can use our service of SMS to regain your money, which will make it a lot easier to recover those charges.

    In fact, it has been proven that this system increases by 40% the collection of those unpaid invoices and, in addition, you can do it automatically.

    Advantages of automatically managing unpaid invoices with SMS

    Using this system with SMS you’ll have an important advantage. For example, you can send them to be certified, since they have judiciary notification validity. In fact, there is jurisprudence about this, meaning they have already been accepted in trials about non-payment. And there are other things to consider.

    Other advantages of SMS in case of non-payment

    First, it will be far cheaper to send an SMS than sending a certified letter or fax. This is very important so you can claim cheaper debts. In this sense, until now, sending a legal document might have meant that you had to spend more money than they owed you. In consequence, those small amounts would be lost. But now, using SMS in non-payment cases, you’ll be able to claim those small debts without spending a lot of money.

    Certified SMS in non-payment

    In the second place, this certified system allows you to directly and quickly contact your debtor, as the message arrives at his or her own mobile phone. In this way, he or she will not be able to excuse him or herself by saying that the notification never arrived in their address or workplace.

    And a third advantage that the SMS system gives you has to do with time. A certified letter or fax can take days in arriving. But an SMS almost instantly arrives at the device. For example, you may have an Excel file with which you process every debtor’s information and their non-payments. And from that file, you can transfer automatically to the message all the information you want to send.

    Why do the SMS certificates have legal value?

    The SMS certificates have legal value because of the way in which they work. The telephone company of the debtor will tell us (as SMS service providers) that the person has received the message. This way, the reception is certified through a Reliable Service Contractor and that has legal value. 

    The usefulness of SMS to get payments

    In addition to the above advantages, there are others to consider. For example, you can use these texts to communicate about debit balances in cards or bank accounts, with the savings that it supposes the entity not to let the client know through a letter or phone. 

    It can also be used by insurance companies to let them know about the cancellation of an insurance policy because of non-payment. In the same way, if you are a client and do not want to renovate your insurance policy, you can let the company know using an SMS certificate, as long as you do it with enough time. 

    Likewise, this system can be used to let people know about their inclusion in a credit blacklist like ASNEF or RAI. Or even to warn them that their passwords to access an online service have been blocked.

    SMS for getting paid: Manage your unpaid invoices automatically 

    In conclusion, using SMS for non-payments is a cheap, fast and efficient system for you to get your money back. It’s proven to recover your money by 40%. And, on top of this, if you send them certified they will have legal value in front of a legal court.


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