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SMS for collection.

Feb 03, 2020
SMS for collection.
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Sending massive SMS texts in a matter of seconds is a fast and effective way o communicating with your customers. LabsMobile allows you to send SMS texts which reach your customers instantly. In this post, we want to tell you about SMS for collections.

Types of collection: SMS texts to ask for payments.

SMS for collection can be of different kinds:

  • Debt notifications
  • Invoice due dates
  • Notifications on payments issued
  • Claims in real-time.

Example. “Dear Mr. Smith, you have a debt of $1000. Please make this payment or contact us at the following number: xxxxxxxxxxxx”  

Advantages of using SMS for collection

Some of the advantages of using SMS to ask for payments are:

– It helps bring down the average delay times for payments.

– It automatizes processes that allow you to save time.

– It reduces costs.

– It allows your business to manage claims.

– Constant communication with users during the whole process.

– Very high reading rates, above 98%. This is a very efficient communication system since SMS doesn’t use the Internet, they use the GSM network.


SMS and costs reduction

One of the advantages we just listed is costs reduction. Let’s enlarge on this.

Not long ago, companies hired staff to handle communications with customers. Their job was to manage contracts, invoices, payments, etc. This was a huge effort for companies. They not only had to hire staff, but they also had to spend lots of money on phone communications and waste valuable time. But today many of these tasks can be automatized.  

SMS is a great alternative to perform tasks such as collection. LabsMobile, as an SMS messaging platform, has direct routes that guarantee instant SMS delivery in any part of the country. In addition, this platform allows your company to send millions of texts per hour.

As a result, companies can reduce human intervention, using staff only in special circumstances.

Communication in different collection stages

Not all customers are overdue, and not all of them are in the same stage of the process, or under the same conditions. That’s why SMS texts can be adapted to fit any situation, no matter what stage the customer in the process.

LabsMobile allows you to create different lists that help you differentiate among users’ profiles. This means you can send messages with different texts depending on default times, type of default, and other conditions.


SMS for collection. Collection statistics

LabsMobile allows you to gather information from the SMS texts you’ve sent. This information is essential for companies. For example, it allows you to know how many users have been successfully notified, and how many have clicked on the link you’ve sent them. It also allows you to know the percentage of overdue customers, and what stage they are in the collection process.

For all the reasons above, hire LabsMobile to handle collection tasks. Contact us to inquire about costs.