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SMS Success Stories: uses for car dealers

“SMS communication with our clients is fundamental, a way to reach to them exclusively, amost without noise”

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Publication: 03.14.2022
Última modificación: 10.13.2022


This group of dealers with thousands of customers at their different points of sale in Spain contacted LabsMobile in February 2020 to find a way to communicate with their customers exclusively, without the noise that emails represent (which may end up in the spam folder) or social networks.


SMS Success Stories: uses for car dealers

For the group of dealers, it was a new challenge to find a very exclusive and direct way to communicate their new vehicle offers to the customers in their database, and thus stand out. Until now, they had used email marketing to send a landing page with a message about the new offer. But soon, they realized that these messages via email ended up in the Spam folder and could not reach their users.

On the other hand, they also wanted to communicate with their clients to remind them of appointments for visits or revisions efficiently and without having to call each one of them . This last option implies having to call constantly since people do not usually answer the phone all day. In addition, they would need personnel to call these clients.

For all these reasons, they were looking for a different way to communicate with their users.


So, after being advised by LabsMobile and its support team, they came to the conclusion that what was best for them was sending SMS messages for different purposes:

1 Sending promotional SMS with a link (landing web) that was sometimes created by the LabsMobile’s SMS Landings editor and sometimes by their own design departments.


  • "Congratulations. You can have a new Volkswagen again! Exclusive offers for VW clients with MyRenting landing"

This type of message arrived directly and was read by 98% of users in less than a minute. In addition, the message could be personalized so that later, within the link, it was already registered to receive the information of the promoted vehicle.

2 Integration of SMS to your regular client software with the LabsMobile API to send reminder messages for appointments with sales representatives.

John, we remind you that tomorrow 11/11 you have an appointment at 9.00 hs for our Volkswagen Days. At Sartopina, next to Vet School, We’ll be waiting for you!

In this way, it was not necessary to call customers to remind them of appointments. Simply sending an SMS message and seeing later if it had been opened already streamlined this process easily and cheaply.

3 Lastly, it was agreed to use SMS messages to manage one-year or two-year reviews of vehicle purchases, being able to automate these processes without the need to have a daily agenda.


  • "Your Volkswagen is 2 years old now. It’s time to revise it at Automocion Aragonesa (30.000kms o 2 years). Ask for an appointment: bit.l"


Thus, with these three proposals, the client's communication needs with their users were covered without wasting time or increasing communication costs.

Results of sending SMS for a car dealership with LabsMobile 

Since the beginning of 2020, this group of dealers in Spain have seen an increase in people interested in new exclusive vehicle offers through registration landings, in addition to almost getting 100% effectiveness in communication of appointments and service reminders.

On the LasMobile platform, they can also see all the analytics and statistics of these SMS messages sent, thus seeing the effectiveness of the campaign. They’ll also be able to see the possible failures and their causes. If an SMS message does not reach a phone because it no longer exists, the application will also let you know and, in this way, dealers can purge their databases.

Lastly, the personalization and automation of SMS messages was also very important to our clients as they needed to first give clients already in their database VIP status for offers.

Conclusions of sending SMS in dealership

By sending of SMS Online, the communication of the dealerships became totally effective without having to worry about constant calls to customers and without the messages of new vehicle offers going to the trash in the email inbox. 

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