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SMS Responsive Templates

Today, digital marketingis a crucial tool to make your business grow. Like technology, marketing is constantly changing. New techniques and elements are created all the time to make it more efficient when it comes to the message it wants to deliver.

One of the resources that are becoming increasingly popular is responsive design. This is a web design technique that allows for content to be seen from any device. This means that, if you enter a site from a desktop computer or a cellphone, the elements will be placed in the same place, with the same design, colors, etc. 

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Publication: 05.21.2020
Última modificación: 06.20.2022
Categories: SMS services

How responsive design works and some advantages.

Today, it is known that people use different devices to surf the net. The use of desktop computers is even decreasing in favor of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. For this reason, designers had to adapt and look for new responses to these formats. 

So, Responsive Design comes as a solution. It allows for a correct distribution and re-sizing of the elements that are included in a website. For example, the automatic adaptation of the site to the width of your screen, no matter the device you are using. In this way, the user experience is always the same. 

Main advantages of Responsive Design.

  • More fluidity in layouts and images in any part of the screen’s device. 
  • A reduced time when developing a website, as they are easier and simpler to code. 
  • Duplicate content is eliminated.
  • It’s easier to share content, which makes it easier for it to be viralized and that the message is more effectively distributed among users. 
  • It is way cheaper because there won’t be multiple designs. 

This last point is one of the main reasons for its use. In normal conditions, the area of digital marketing of a company has to design a web site for desktop computers plus a mobile version for those who enter the page from their smartphones or tablets. Also, in many cases, they have to create their own app.

So, instead of creating 3 products, Responsive Design offers all the options in just one place and they work in the same way.

SMS Responsive Templates. A complement to SMS Landings.

The service of SMS Landing offered by LabsMobile allows you to carry out a marketing campaign with text messages with external links. These URLs will take clients to sites or pages specially designed for that. 

However, with a responsive design, you can take advantage of SMS landings. Instead of having to invest in developing something new for the campaign, you can use an existing webpage. Thanks to this technique, the user that enters through the external link will see the content adapted to their screen without any problems.

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