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SMS marketing campaigns in tourism

Digital marketing is one essential tool that most companies use. This is a fundamental aspect to achieve success because of the importance that technology has on people’s everyday lives. One of the main ways of carrying out a campaign is using SMS.

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Publication: 08.19.2020
Última modificación: 10.13.2022

Different fields that in the past did not use this technology today work similarly. One of them is tourism. Through an SMS marketing campaign, touristic companies look to improve their customer support and build up a stronger, closer relationship.

Cellphones are the primary method people use to plan their trips, research their destinations and activities, save their tickets, and more. Take advantage of this tool through SMS and establish direct and personalized communication, especially when these campaigns are used in the tourism field.

Strategies and objectives that you can use

A marketing campaign with SMS can be used in different ways, such as:

  • Booking confirmation

A text message is an excellent way for your clients to confirm their bookings. It’s widespread for travelers to book their hotels with a lot of time, either because they want to get ready or to take advantage of promotions. With time, they may forget to confirm their booking.

Use a reminder with an external link that contains all the information about their trip. Additionally, a day before the trip, you can send another message to let them know every detail about their flight.

  • Sending a boarding pass

These messages have a technical and informative objective. Touristic business, for example, can send clients’ boarding pass via SMS. In this way, travelers can save them on their mobile devices, in digital form, and have it ready for the day they need them.

  • Communicate last-minute, useful information

Through SMS, you can communicate important information quickly and instantaneously and without being connected to the Internet. For example, you can let them know about a delayed flight, a change of date, or other crucial data.

  • Send offers to clients

Geared towards companies, this type of SMS is great for you to offer attractive packages, express trips, cheap hotels, and more.

One of the main features of SMS is its speed of delivery. It has been proven that users get an SMS and read it at once or within 2 minutes. This is a great advantage when compared to emails, for example, which takes a long time to be read.

  • Opinions or reviews of clients

Companies can use SMS to get feedback from their users. Through these opinions or polls, you can obtain vital information to improve your service in general.

How to achieve the best results

To maximize results and achieve a higher impact on your SMS campaign, there are certain features you should consider:

  1. The personalization of SMS is key. Users like to get messages especially designed for them and not general texts. This can be done with a database that allows you to know your clients.
  2. Segmenting your campaign. A 22-year-old man does not have the same likes and preferences as a 40-year-old woman. You can focus your campaign on a specific age group or changing your strategies depending on the type of public you want to achieve.
  3. Establish a relationship with users. Selling is no the final step of the process with the client, but the beginning. Once this happens, you can establish a connection: a welcome message, special offers that suit their preferences, a birthday greeting, etc. Every client is essential.
  4. Sending relevant information. Avoid annoying messages that can be considered SPAM and also be careful with the schedule when SMS can be sent.

SMS marketing campaigns in tourism

Marketing campaigns with SMS are useful when it comes to tourism, and you can find all those features in LabsMobile’s control panel. Additionally, these campaigns can be beneficial to boost this field in this difficult situation we are living today with the pandemic.

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