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SMS in tourism, a crucial ally

During these times, SMS marketing has become the preferred strategy by many companies because of the direct contact it has with clients. Besides, it’s effective because the person that receives the personalized SMS may feel flattered and taken into account by the company that sent the message.

As regards tourism, many companies also use SMS marketing because of its satisfactory results. By implementing the strategy, tourism companies have closed deals, built loyalty with clients, and offer a better service. That is why SMS in tourism has become an important ally today.

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Publication: 05.25.2021
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Why use SMS marketing as a strategy in tourism? 

Mobile phones are the main protagonists in our lives. Today, 70% of the world’s population has one and when we travel for pleasure, our plan is to go around and get to know places, have dinner in good restaurants and bars, or take the best pictures. Then, our mobile phones become fundamental because with it we look for recommendations, take photos, save important documents that get to our inboxes and are useful when we are outside. 

Now, it’s likely that tourists have their mobile phones at hand at all times. Then, if they get an SMS they will probably open it at once. The best thing is that people can take advantage of promotions during their stay or take a look at important information about their trip. 

This will help you, as a tourism agency, to increase your sales, improve your customer service, and help clients to keep on choosing you instead of the competition. 

How to make sure SMS marketing is effective in tourism?

If messages are clear, they have a concrete idea and are specific, they will have guaranteed results. But you also need to know exactly what to offer to your clients. And the best thing is that, in tourism, there are many interesting ideas for companies to add clients (and sales). 

    • In the case of travel agencies, they can use this strategy to send promotions, hotels, or special prices to their premium clients.
    • Airlines, in addition to promotions, can use SMS to send flight codes, flight reminders, important announcements about changes or situations the client should know about before traveling.
    • Hotels can use SMS marketing to confirm booking, send discount codes for special dates, send promotions, or even satisfaction surveys.
    • Bars and restaurants can use SMS marketing to offer discounts, promotions, gifts, surveys, or even table confirmations to their clients.
    • Cruises can confirm bookings, check-ins, recommend activities to carry out during the trip, discounts for special tours, keep the client informed during the journey, and more. 

This option can be used by any company in the tourism industry. Send recommendations of landmarks of the destination chosen by the client so they can visit it, offer a guide of the best 5 places to visit, bar and restaurant recommendations, or even partner with other companies so the offer sent by SMS is even juicier. 

SMS in tourism, a crucial ally

SMS should be short and clear so clients can read them quickly. The idea is that people don’t feel annoyed by getting an SMS. That is why we add a “call to action”: so the client carries out a quick and easy action and for information to be easily processed.

Some examples of SMS you can send using our LabsMobile platforminclude:

- 10% OFF in your hotel by entering here.

- Schedule your trip with this free guide. 

- 2x1 in drinks. Book your table here.

- Your trip was confirmed. Your code is “VSDBKS85”.

- We got your reservation, thank you for trusting us.

- Answer our survey and take this discount for your next stay.

- Your booking was confirmed for 9/21 at 2 pm. If it’s correct, answer “OK”.

- Book your 7-day cruise and have free breakfast for the whole trip!

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