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Sending images via SMS

SMS have been part of our lives for more than 20 years. At the beginning, they were a direct means for communication used to talk to our loved ones without calling them by phone. Then, with technological advances, other tools were created to communicate with each other, and today most people use some kind of app for that purpose.

However, SMS never lost effectiveness in reception. That is why many companies choose them today to implement marketing strategies that attract new clients and to provide a good service to those who already buy from them. 

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Publication: 07.26.2021
Última modificación: 06.14.2022

It has been proven that the SMS marketing strategy has superior efficiency today than email, especially because of its high open rate. Now, there have been tests where it was proven that sending images via SMS generates more acceptance and answers than just text and a call to action.

Why is it necessary to use images in SMS?

When it comes to SMS, just text is not attractive enough as an image can be (despite being effective and accepted). New smartphones have opened doors so we can create clear, catchy images that stimulate people to take action.

This will also take your company to the next level, as the strategy of using SMS with images gives you seriousness and personality. Thus, clients will feel trust in taking action.

Images via SMS: How to use them?

The advantages of creating an SMS with images strategy are many: it gives you better positioning as a company, generates impact in your client, allows you to hold control over how many people saw your image and the average conversion rate, among others. This can be made through an SMS Landing, a very easy to use service offered in the LabsMobile platform. You add a link in your SMS that takes clients to the image you want to show them.

Examples of strategies to send images via SMS

Here are some examples on how to carry out this type of strategy to send images via SMS:

  • Promotions, offers and discounts in products or services. To help clients become interested, the image must be related to the text and represent our brand. It can use our color palette and represent the product or service we want to sell. The text should be short, clear, and direct. For example, “2x1 only for 24 hours”. This can go with an SMS Landing to the image of the product. 
  • News about the company. You can use images to launch a campaign. “New product, only 10 in stock. Sign up for our waiting list to get yours” (picture). You can also add your schedule and where you are to help clients buy.
  • Satisfaction polls. If you want to know if your client likes your product (and the attention you provide), you can send an image that encourages them to answer the poll. This will make your client feel respected and will help you understand what points you should improve. For example, “we are interested in your opinion- answer this poll and become a VIP client.” An image to illustrate the process would be great. 

Sending images via SMS with LabsMobile

The strategy of sending images via SMS is generating many earnings in the companies that implement it. If you believe this can also be effective for your business, then you can enter our LabsMobile platform and obtain the best service to send images via SMS and understand your campaign’s stats simply and safely.

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