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Send international SMS

SMS are one of the most effective communication and marketing tools. Currently, the rate of opening text messages is on a permanent ascending scale It is also an exceptional channel to confirm appointments, make payments and promote products or special offers. Users open messages within 3 minutes of receiving them. If you also want to expand your business to other countries, the LabsMobile platform sends international SMS.

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Publication: 03.25.2019
Última modificación: 06.22.2022
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How do you send International SMS with a minimum budget?

Thanks to our trajectory and experience, we have established a system that places us as the best SMS provider for any company. With LabsMobile you can send international text messages with direct network connections, without hops and to all countries. The agreements we have signed include telephone operators that operate worldwide. We can reach any place where you wish to expand your brand or company.

Why is it better to buy SMS over the Internet?

  • This is the most convenient way to acquire the services that suit you.
  • Apart from that, text messages outweigh other channels such as e-mail, and their impact is greater than many traditional advertising campaigns.
  • Today's consumers always carry their mobile phone with them and consult it constantly.
  • Buying SMS over the Internet allows you to carry out very campaigns that are very economic in relation to their high yield.

Send international SMS. How does it work?

The process is very simple. From the WebSMS platform or the API it is very easy to create messages that are automatically customized for each contact in your list. We also allow you to send e-mails as if they were SMS, to facilitate your work.

Pay only for what you send

  • In LabsMobile we offer customized SMS packs so you can choose the amount that suits your number of customers.
  • Pay exclusively for the messages sent.

On our website you can check the price before hiring international SMS. Select the country where you want to send the messages and the approximate number of SMS (200, 1,000, 10,000 ...) This is a way of approaching the final price, since you can purchase the exact number of SMS you need.

Create landing pages with sales capacity

Maintain direct communication with your customers and insert the links you want in your messages. It is the fastest way to direct them towards purchase or transaction environments.

Sign up at 0 cost and check the benefits of SMS by yourself

Sign up on the platform without any commitment, create an account and test the application at no cost. LabsMobile is

Do not wait any longer, make the most of the advantages of SMS marketing. Do not close your borders, send international SMS with LabsMobile: easy, reliable, fast and economical.

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Our managers and technical team are always available to answer all your questions about our SMS solutions and to advise you on the implementation of any action or campaign.

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