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Say happy birthday in an original way during the pandemic: send personalized SMS messages

Because of the pandemic we are experiencing, direct contact with our customers and users has become a little difficult. For this reason, today we are going to show you one of the best ways to have contact with them through their cell phones. Send personalized SMS messages to your customers for their birthday to show them that you are with them, build trust, and give them joy in these hard times.

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Publication: 05.12.2020
Última modificación: 10.11.2022

Send an automatic SMS message to your customers on their birthday

One of the newest ways you have to be close to your clients and not lose contact because of the situation we are currently facing is a text messaging. This way, they will keep you in mind and know that you care about them. Giving them some joy in these tough times would be a great gift from you.

But you may wonder how this works. It is very easy, you simply have to upload your customers' birthdays to the database. Then, using an Excel template that is filled with this data, you must schedule the date, time of sending, and, of course, the message you want to send. With these data, you will have the information to automatically send messages to each customer on their birthday. In short, customize your template, write the text of the message and that's it, in a few minutes your campaign will be set up.

Advantages of building loyalty with SMS

Text messaging is one of the tools with the highest conversion rate that exists. In addition, these messages will almost always be read. According to statistics, 98% of SMS are opened. Much simpler than e-mails, for example. In addition, they are compatible with any cell phone regardless of brand or range, unlike Whatsapp messages.

With this tool, besides making your users feel good on their day, you make them more loyal and improve the relationship you have with them. Even customers who have already left will want to contact you again because of the impact of the message.

One of the biggest advantages is that you can access complete statistics on how your users react. You can see who received the message and who did not, when they received it and how long it took them to open it. You will certainly have many advantages over other forms of contact.

Say happy birthday in an original way during the pandemic: send personalized SMS messages.

What better thing for a client than getting a nice message on their day. Congratulate all your customers on their birthday in an easy, simple, and original way with the LabsMobile platform.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most recommended tools to congratulate all your users. As we have already seen, it offers many features that will help you: you will have their attention, they will remember you, they will receive a nice gift from you, you will recover clients that had been lost, among other things. For all this, send personalized SMS messages in an easy and fast way. The results will not take long to arrive.

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