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Offer services via SMS

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    For a company to have success when selling (or any other commercial objective), it is key to use marketing. This is a tool that will allow you to make yourself well-known among potential clients, on top of making relations with regular users stronger. To fulfill this function, one of the best options available is to use messages and offer services via SMS

    When using SMS as a marketing tool, you can get more personalized attention to your client. According to studies carried out, this relationship between companies and users is preferable over generic messages. In addition, SMS are usually short, so they are effective and they are not easily forgotten. Plus, as they arrive at mobile phones, you will make sure other people read them, as it’s a process that takes only a few seconds.

    Functions and services of SMS 

    There are many goals that can be given to SMS. But before that, it is necessary to give some advice about how to present them and to get more results out of the campaigns. In the first place, the format of the message has to follow a certain order. The first thing that should appear is the greeting.

    It’s important to present yourself to the client, and the greeting should be personalized. This is possible because most of the companies that carry out marketing campaigns with their own database or, in other cases, rent one. 

    After the greeting comes the offer or message that you want to present. To end, there should come a means of contact, the address of the place or an external link as an accessory.

    Possible services with messages

      • Welcoming the client: when a new client purchases something and you obtain his or her info, it is possible to send an SMS thanking the purchase and generating a first positive contact. 
      • Promotionals: a basic function. It allows establishing campaigns of new products, promotions over products that already exist, discounts, etc. It is key to be able to measure the reach of the message.
      • Reminders: you can use SMS as a reminder of appointments or events. It allows us to maintain or even increase the number of guests
      • Anniversaries or birthdays: to improve the relationship between a company and a client, you can send messages on important dates to celebrate them. For example, you can send an SMS on the clients’ birthday or when an anniversary is arriving
      • Cross-Selling: this technique allows people to offer, after a purchase, a complementary product using discounts or bonuses
      • Informative: to let clients know about the latest news in a quick manner.
      • Inactive Clients: with this option, you can generate new interest in a client that does not purchase from us for a long time. 
      • Invitations to events: you can invite your clients to participate in some special events in a personalized manner. 
      • Confirmed transactions: ideal to let people know their package has arrived and that the process has started.


    Offer services via SMS

    Secondly, to guarantee as much success as possible, you should not send SMS very early in the morning or late at night. Also, you should avoid Sundays.

    Finally, it is advisable not to overwhelm the user with an excessive amount of SMS. In general, there should be no more than 5 SMS sent per month.

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