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Mobile phone messaging over the Internet

When they had just come out, they were a novelty. SMS represented the only relatively inexpensive option of being able to communicate without spending your entire mobile phone balance. However, with the emergence of social networks and online instant messaging services, it seems that this technology has become obsolete. But it isn’t so, it is still possible to take advantage of sending mobile phone messages over the Internet.

Something that is very useful if it is well-planned is an SMS marketing campaign via PC. With just an email sign-up and without spending a high budget you will be able to create great campaigns. It is a very popular tool for advertising and customer loyalty campaigns.

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Publication: 12.17.2019
Última modificación: 10.11.2022
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Mobile messaging today

Many sectors have wanted to take advantage of SMS messaging services, and today these messages can be sent from any PC. In this way, you can set up an efficient marketing campaign.

The main requirement to use this type of platform is having access to the Internet. Along with the proper email registration and the payment of a very accessible fee.

Once that is covered, it is enough to access an online platform that provides the service, load the database and customize how messages will be sent (to a particular person or a group of people). All that's left is to enter the message, which will be limited to a certain number of characters or not (if they are Unicode), and that's it!

Technology used to launch advertising campaigns

Now, if you are a company that wants to revalue its brand or wants to make an excellent advertising campaign, there are several companies that make use of this type of service and implement it as a tool for loyalty or branding campaigns.

Send SMS via PC to hundreds of potential customers while building a reliable and secure campaign, without spending much money. One of the best options to do this is LabsMobile. Through this service, you can send massive SMS, communicating your brand values and having an international presence.

Finally, this kind of campaign has a very accessible price and the benefits are potentially attractive. This way you can notify, build loyalty and optimize through SMS. Meanwhile, security standards are reliable and safe. It is even possible to send messages from an application with its respective integration: the LabsMobile API.

Mobile phone messaging over the Internet.

In conclusion, although it may seem that SMS or mobile messaging is outdated, you still have great chances, either to communicate or to set up an interesting marketing or advertising campaign.

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