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JSON and LabsMobile's SMS API

In this article we will talk about JSON and its advantages as an information exchange format. We will also present the steps and resources available to carry out an JSON SMS API integration securely and efficiently (

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Publication: 01.04.2019
Última modificación: 06.23.2022
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JSON and LabsMobile's SMS API

The JSON format

The JSON format (JavaScript Object Notation) is a programming language typically used to transfer or store data. It is considered to be an excellent alternative to XML thanks to its agility and simplicity, and is a language widely accepted by developers and used in a wide range of applications.

One of the most common uses of the JSON format is the exchange of data between applications, where one acts as a server publishing an API (Application Programming Interface). This API specifies which operations, parameters and results can be used by clients that want to interact with the server. The calls made to the API with JSON are used with are the HTTP protocol and POST methods. You can therefore get a REST API (http/POST) that uses the JSON format to exchange data.

Advantages of using REST API with JSON

There are a lot of advantages of using a REST API with JSON, for example:

  • The simplicity of JSON syntax makes it very efficient in the way that it codes and decodes data, in addition to the high legibility and interpretation of the data.
  • JSON is widely accepted and used by the developer community. All this knowledge makes the use and adoption of REST API using JSON a lot easier.
  • Currently, the REST API with JSON format is compatible with any language and programming environment. Many environments, platforms, frameworks or languages have functions and features specifically designed for use with the JSON format, including making calls to a JSON API.
  • It is very easy to make changes and to add new fields to an API call function using the JSON format, just make sure to test your API before its deployment.

The LabsMobile JSON SMS API

For all the reasons above, LabsMobile recommends the JSON format, specifically the JSON REST SMS API, to clients that want to send SMS messages. To ensure that our services are compatible and adaptable to the needs of any client, other versions of the API are available: http/GET, http/POST XML, WebService, OneAPI. In the majority of cases, however, the JSON SMS API is recommended for its simplicity, functionality, compatibility and easiness to use.


The principal use of the LabsMobile JSON SMS API is to send bulk or individual SMS messages. SMS messaging can be completed with all of the characteristics available in SMS technology, including:

  •       Personalized sender name
  •       International coverage in over 200 countries
  •       Messages scheduling for specific days and times
  •       Being able to label and classify messages according to use, campaign or another external identifier
  •       Test messages for use in simulations or tests
  •       Ability to shorten links and monitor clickthrough rates
  •       Send concatenated messages that allow for longer messages
  •       Sending SMS in Unicode format, so that messages can include any character, symbol or emoji
  •       Sending certified messages.

Additional functions allow customers to:

  • Consult credit available for their account
  • Check the status of an SMS message sent
  • Check SMS tariffs in different countries
  • Manage programmed messages
  • Receive events to change the status of a message: confirmed messages, delivery error, error in phone number format, etc.
  • Receive events by clicking on a link present in the text of the SMS message sent
  • Receive messages to a particular contracted phone number.


We believe that the best way of sending SMS messages from any application or system is with the LabsMobile JSON API. We have a multitude of resources available that will help to make the integration process to our platform as simple and fast as possible. Below is a list of the resources available, suitable for any of our customers:

  • Account creation form. Create an account in seconds, receive credits for your free trial and begin your integration.

  • WebSMS application. Using this application, customers can manage their account, check the status of sent SMS messages, top up credit, get a token password, ask for support etc.

  • Step-by-step tutorial on how to integrate with the LabsMobile API.

  • LabsMobile support center. Within the WebSMS account there is a ticketing system to ask for support on any doubt, problem or question. You can also send help to the email.
  • Recommendations, good practice and points to bear in mind for the integration.

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