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Maximize your messages: Create SMS Groups with LabsMobile

Digital marketing campaigns are one of the main tools that companies have to grow and publicize their offer. Among the various alternatives, SMS stands out as one of the channels with more impact and greater effectiveness.

Every time a campaign is carried out, there must be a clear objective to be achieved, whether it is to communicate, convert, train, notify, etc. To increase the chances of success, there are several parameters and elements to pay attention to. It is not just a matter of random messages, but a process that is thought out and planned through a strategy.

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Publication: 12.19.2023
Última modificación: 12.19.2023

One of the main components of a marketing campaign is the receivers. These are the clients (or potential ones), whom you seek to influence to carry out an action, such as purchasing a product. When starting a campaign, it’s important to determine who the receivers will be.

To facilitate the process and take advantage of the speed of delivery of mass messages, it’s possible to create group contacts. Let’s see what they are about and how to create groups and send SMS to group contacts.

How to create group SMS?

All SMS marketing campaigns require a database of mobile numbers, which stores the information of the recipients. Most companies usually maintain their own database, with their respective customers or prospects.

LabsMobile allows you to store this information, either by creating a new one or importing an existing file. However, the number of users can be very large, which makes it very difficult to send messages correctly.

For this reason, there is what is known as SMS groups. This is a tool that allows you to create different groups of phones, as if they were small, individual databases. In this way, the database is also segmented in order to create SMS messages with different attributes or additional information.

To do so, go to the home page of the platform and enter the Recipients menu.

There you can create groups of your choice, with a specific name and free customization. Each of the contacts in the group has their telephone number and other additional data, such as name, age or the place where they live. It is possible to create as many fields as necessary and then customize the content of the messages to be sent.

How to create SMS groups? Create groups and send SMS to group contacts

It’s possible to create SMS groups under certain criteria: 

  • By gender (men or women)
  • By age group: from 20 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 50, etc. 
  • By how old the clients are: new, with a year of loyalty, 2 years, 5 years.
  • By place of residency.
  • Temporarily, creating a group each year or for each campaign.
  • By country of destination, thus differentiating the sending time.
  • By language to be able to change and adapt the message text.
  • By the amount consumed by customers or by their seniority.
  • By degree of loyalty based on interaction or results in previous campaigns.

Once the groups are created, they are established in the Recipients section, where they can be analyzed and, if errors are found, edited. In the same way, when the messages are sent, all the groups available for selection will appear.

SMS Segmentation

The use of SMS groups becomes essential when looking for precise segmentation. This approach involves tailoring specific campaigns to particular groups.

For example, if the objective is to increase the company's overall sales, segmentation allows the message to be adjusted in a differentiated way according to the recipients, thus maximizing its impact. The key is to recognize that targeting a 25-year-old man is very different from targeting a woman over 50. In addition, it is crucial to consider that some products may be exclusive to certain groups, making segmentation an essential tool for communication effectiveness and campaign success.

Example of SMS segmentation

Let's imagine an Online Perfumery that wants to optimize its SMS campaign. Segmentation becomes a key strategy, and an effective example would be to divide customers according to their gender. By creating specific SMS groups for men and women, the perfumery can personalize its messages in a meaningful way. To further increase relevance, each group would receive a direct link to the corresponding perfume section for either women or men.

This tactic provides a more personalized experience for each recipient, increasing the likelihood of interaction and conversion. In addition, if the Online Perfumery wishes to be even more specific, it could consider additional segmentation based on previous product preferences. For example, sending different messages to those who have purchased floral fragrances versus woody fragrances.

Segmentation by gender and product preferences creates a highly targeted and relevant SMS campaign. By using the LabsMobile platform, the creation of these SMS groups is simplified, saving time and maximizing bottom line results. Create your groups and send SMS to your contacts today with LabsMobile for a successful and efficient campaign!

Updating and improving your contact groups

It is also very important to keep your contact groups updated. There are multiple reasons why we can modify the contact groups or mobile database, such as for example:

  • Deletion of recipients (required by law).
  • Updating of telephone numbers (due to a change or cancellation of the number). It is estimated that between 2% and 3% of numbers change every year.
  • New numbers to be added to the database
  • Relevant information to incorporate such as purchases, interactions or results of previous campaigns.

In this way we will constantly update the mobile databases which is a great asset of any brand or entity. This update will greatly improve the metrics and results of any action or campaign if done correctly.

All these actions can be performed easily and quickly on the LabsMobile platform. We encourage you to try out the features related to group updates such as:

  • Filtering numbers by mobile number format and country.
  • Contact purging based on the Blacklist.
  • Elimination of those numbers that have generated errors in previous mailings.
  • Export and import of groups of contacts for a more agile treatment in CSV and Excel format.

Finally, remember that it is of vital importance to have a mobile database to be able to carry out actions in the SMS channel, whether promotional or transactional.

And as we have mentioned in this article, these databases must be updated, segmented and have the necessary information. In addition to having accepted the respective consent and in accordance with the data protection law.

At LabsMobile we have more than 13 years of experience in SMS Marketing. Ask us about any aspect of how to create and maintain your mobile database and get the most out of it.

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