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7 reason to launch an SMS campaign as part of your marketing strategy

Jan 23, 2019
Marketing Strategy
7 reason to launch an SMS campaign as part of your marketing strategy
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Several studies have found that in 2020, nearly 49 million users will be receiving offers, invitations or promotions by SMS.

With the smartphone almost an extension of our bodies, this isn’t particularly surprising. An SMS campaign can therefore be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

7 reasons to use SMS marketing campaigns in 2019.

  1. Privacy

– Online privacy and security worries a lot of consumers.

– SMS doesn’t require users to enter any of their personal details.


  1. Effectiveness

– In 2020, there will be more than 6 billion smartphones in circulation worldwide.

– The typical person looks at their phone 150 times per day.

– SMS can be delivered to 200 countries.

– Only 1% of SMS are considered SPAM, compared to 70% of emails.


  1. Immediacy

– You can send SMS anytime, anywhere.

– Get in touch with customers regardless of their location, 365 days of the year.

– SMS provides a direct line of communication with customers.


  1. Customer loyalty

– SMS messages don’t interrupt or inconvenience users (compared to, for example, a phone call).

Personalized SMS messages appeal to different customers.


  1. Versatility

–  Messages can be adapted to the user and their niche in the market.

– SMS can accommodate different formats (you can insert images, videos, GIFs etc.) and convey different messages: offers, special promotions, personalized congratulations, reminders for appointments or other services, information about new releases, discount codes etc.


  1. Profitability

– Send SMS that include a hyperlink to add greater value to your message, and improve user experience.

– Increase conversions: between 30% and 80% clickthrough rate.

– Around 50% of users that receive an SMS complete the call-to-action.


  1. Simplicity

– Choose the quantity of SMS you want to send.

– Select the package that best suits your needs.

– Sign in to your account, upload your target mobile numbers, write the text and go!


SMS campaign as part of your marketing strategy.

It’s easy using the LabsMobile platform. And we guarantee that with an SMS message campaign, you will save time, save money, boost customer loyalty and improve your company image. If you still aren’t convinced, go to our website and sign up to our free trial.

In short, SMS campaigns are one of the most direct, most economical and least intrusive channels of communication. SMS messaging can become one of your strongest allies and an effective way of differentiating yourself from the competition.