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Good practices for your Black Friday SMS Campaign

Black Friday is just around the corner!

Which means that it is a good time to start preparing your SMS campaigns, to think about the promotions and discounts that you are going to launch, and to define how you are going to communicate it to your users and potential customers.

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Publication: 10.17.2023
Última modificación: 10.17.2023

Preparing a strategy for Black Friday is not an easy task, as we have to take into account many factors and more than one communication channel.

In fact, to better understand the importance of Black Friday, take a look at these facts:

Black Friday…

  • Is the fourth most important marketing event of the year
  • Represents 30% of annual retail sales
  • Takes place a month before Christmas, so it is an incentive to buy, and consequently, it boosts sales.

Likewise, over time Black Friday has become more important, especially after the growing digitization of businesses as a result of the pandemic.

In 2022, this annual event is expected to become one of the most profitable of the year for any e-commerce or online store.

For this reason, in this post we are going to delve into the best practices that you can carry out to create a Black Friday SMS campaign that has an impact and considerably benefits your online business.

Shall we start?

Relevant data you need to know before creating your Black Friday SMS campaign

Black Friday began as an event that lasted only one day.

But as with everything, times change and with the intention of extending this opportunity to increase sales and make the most of the demand for promotions and discounts, it has lasted almost two weeks.

Which means that, many of the online stores or businesses that join this event, start launching their discount campaigns a week before, and continue to squeeze the occasion until Cyber ​​Monday.

Therefore, it is key to start planning your strategy several weeks before the event. In fact, advance offers allow you to get more sales and stand out from your competition. You will play with advantage.

What is the most relevant data to take into account?

Thanks to SaleCycle, we have access to very relevant data that can help us define how to carry out our action and communication plan for Black Friday.

In fact, the data that we have collected in the following infographic has been extracted from a study that analyzed more than 59 million online purchases and 487 million sessions in e-commerce.

Why you need to craft an SMS campaign for Black Friday

If it's not your first SMS campaign, you will know very well why it is important that you consider this means of communication for Black Friday.

On the other hand, if it is your first time, we will explain the 3 reasons why we recommend that you start planning an SMS marketing campaign for Black Friday.


The CTR average rate (number of clicks on links added to text messages)

The CTR of the SMS is 19%. In email communications the CTR reaches 4%.

These numbers allow us to know how effective the impact of a text message advertising campaign is.


Open rate (average of messages sent for open messages and the ones read by clients)

According to studies carried out, the opening rate of an SMS is 94%.

We are much more used to receiving emails, rather than SMS, so they tend to attract more attention from users.

In addition, being short, clear and direct, they can quickly assess whether they are interested or not.


42% of buyers prefer to receive SMS:

Many of the consumers expect to receive Black Friday communications via SMS.

In fact, a study confirms that 42% of buyers prefer to receive SMS before other communications.

Good practices in SMS campaigns for Black Friday

To send an SMS campaign with promotions or discounts, you will have to take into account several factors, which will make it easier for your users to interact with your SMS and end up purchasing your product on offer.



Sending an email is not the same as sending an SMS, mainly because of the space available to transmit your message.

The SMS has a character limitation that you must take into account when writing a sales text that generates results.

For example, if you send a Unicode message (it allows you to put accents, emoticons, symbols, etc.) you will have a maximum of 70 characters available.

On the other hand, if you send a Standard SMS (simple or traditional) it will have a capacity of 160 characters.

Having clarified this, we recommend the following:

Communicate assertively: Honest, direct and correct. This implies, defending and expressing your wishes while respecting the thoughts and beliefs of other people.

Avoid technicalities: You have little space, so it is important that the SMS you send is perfectly understood. For this, it is recommended that you use a simple vocabulary that is understandable to your users. No technicalities.

Create a visual message: In addition to the text itself, we recommend using images or videos. It will attract your users more and enhance the interaction with the purchase link.

If you want to expand this information, we leave you here a post talking specifically about tips to write clear and effective SMS



If you really want your SMS campaign to have the expected results, creating a product landing page that your audience can access through a link in the text of your SMS is key to boosting conversion.

To do this, we give you the example of one of the services we offer at LabsMobile, SMS Landing Web.

Our platform allows you to design a landing page optimized for mobile devices in a very intuitive way, through which you can show your promotions and offer people the information you consider necessary.

SMS Landing

What are the advantages?

Increased conversions: If your potential customers have shown interest by opening the SMS, the fact that they can visit a web page with the product they are interested in and the information they need to buy is more likely to end up converting.

Obtain metrics, stats and results: Thanks to our SMS Landing Web, you will be able to monitor the interactions of your users. Obtain information on their clicks, location, and activity within the landing (which content was shown the greatest interest).

Create direct purchase Call to Actions (CTA): You can add purchase buttons along the page so that people can purchase the product in promotion. You will offer them an easy and fast shopping experience.

Varied templates, designed for mobile: Creating a landing page optimized for mobile takes time. Therefore, to make this process easier for you, we have a wide variety of templates and designs that adapt to different sectors and needs.

You can edit all the modules, add icons, your logo and your corporate colors. You will be able to do everything you need to create a landing page that adapts to your brand image.



It is essential that when you add a purchase link in your SMS (with your Black Friday discount or promotion), you can customize the domain.

We are tired of receiving scams by email, by WhatsApp, by SMS and by all means of communication.

For this reason, if you are going to send a discount link to your users, it is important that this link generates trust.

To do this, they have to verify that it is you who is sending them that message, so it is important that the shortener you use allows you to customize the domain.

In the case of LabsMobile, our URL shortener allows you, in addition to adding your brand name to the link, to monitor and obtain statistics on the activity of your users with said link.

If you want to know more about why it is advisable to use a URL shortener in your campaigns, enter here í.


    It’s clear that your SMS campaign will not be the only one your users will receive this Black Friday, that is why two factors are key:

  • Reliability: Thanks to Verified SMS, users can see company logos and names on the sender, as well as a verification badge.

This can help businesses build trust and prevent scams like phishing. In addition to generating a better user experience and brand recognition.

  • Differentiation:  In regular SMS, interaction is limited, while in Verified SMS, link previews and brand messages may appear.

This will help your SMS stand out from the competition. Verified SMS can be a great ally for your online business this Black Friday, so…

Do you want to know more about Verified SMS? Enter here.


If you want your SMS campaign to have a positive impact on your sales results and help increase your profits, we invite you to take into account everything we have mentioned above.

Also, if you are interested in finding a platform that has everything you need to create, manage and monitor your SMS campaigns, contact us.

At LabsMobile, we offer you a comprehensive platform that includes all the necessary functions to create effective SMS marketing strategies.

In addition, we have a 100% free support team.

If you want to know more…

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