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Design tips for an SMS Landing

SMS marketing campaigns allow for the use of different types of tools to guarantee their effectiveness. One of the most important features of LabsMobile is SMS Landing.

This is known as the function of adding an external link in the message, which redirects the user to a web page with additional information. The use of SMS Landing lets you keep the nature of the messages, which are short and simple while adding a complement to the campaign.

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Publication: 06.20.2022
Última modificación: 11.15.2022

The use of SMS Landing can have different objectives, which go hand in hand with the general campaign. For example, presenting a catalog of offers to increase sales, or presenting a form for data entry.

Among the main advantages of SMS Landing, we can highlight:

  • The increase in the conversion of the campaign messages
  • Allows links to be shortened, respecting the brevity and simplicity that SMS have by nature
  • It is a reinforcement in the Call to Action (or CTA), that is, in the call to action that we want to achieve in the recipients.
  • Different mobile templates can be used
  • It has a great variety in terms of customization and design
  • Results, statistics, and metrics can be measured
  • It is a good way to address the public.

How to improve the effectiveness of an SMS Landing?

The design of the landing page is essential to guarantee its effectiveness and success in conversions. You have to take into account the image, but also its usability and functionality.

Although the visual aspect is very important, it should never be forgotten that the real objective of an SMS Landing is in the call to action: provide information, present a form to fill in data, etc.

So, there must be a balance between the visual section of the image and the final functionality of the Landing.

To maximize the effectiveness of your SMS Landing, you must take into account the following:

1 The design must go hand in hand with the image of your company. It cannot be something isolated, individual, or different from the line of sight that your company manages. It should have a similar design, which allows better identification of your brand.

2 The phrase “more is less” applies to a Landing. This means that the ideal is to look for a minimal design, which has few elements on the screen. It must be a combination between image and text.

3You should only add the main information. All content must be presented clearly and simply. Go to the point, without over-embellishing or going around too much. This will make the user capture the information that we want to transmit to him the first time.

4The call to action, also known as a CTA, must have a central place in the Landing. It must be seen immediately, as soon as it is opened. At the same time, it has to draw the user's attention and make it visually appealing to carry out the desired action.

5The Landing has to load quickly from a mobile device. Therefore, there is no need to reload it with graphic resources, which delays the start of the page. When they are sent by SMS, they will be opened from a mobile phone. Your design must allow fast loading, otherwise, we will not get the conversion element.

6The design has to be responsive. This means that its programming must allow it to automatically adapt to mobile screens, regardless of their size.

SMS Landing

SMS Landing - Tips

Design tips for an SMS Landing

To get all these tips, LabsMobile puts at your disposal a tool within the platform that allows you to manage all the messages, text, and images, from the same screen. This allows greater ease of time management and the materials you want to send in your campaign.

SMS Landing is a very important tool within text message marketing campaigns. Keep in mind the different tips that we have presented to guarantee the success of your SMS Landing!

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