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Create the Best SMS Marketing Campaigns for Agencies

SMS Marketing campaigns for agencies are the perfect solution when it comes to increasing companies’ sales. In the end, the goal of any advertising agency is for customers to get benefits through the actions they propose. Today we are going to explain to you how to carry out perfect SMS Marketing campaigns and help your clients to become leaders in their sector, using tools like the ones we offer you in LabsMobile.

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Publication: 07.23.2018
Última modificación: 06.23.2022


Why does SMS Advertising Benefit your Customers?

Text messages continue to have a great impact. It is a form of fast and direct communication that provides a more intimate experience of communicating with customers. Think of yourself as the receiver, do you not open all of the SMS that are sent to you? That is the fundamental advantage of advertising in SMS compared to other forms of communication with leads. It is almost guaranteed that the message will at least be opened.

What Should be Included in a Text Message Focused on SMS Marketing?

  • Include a powerful message that attracts the receiver and has a call to action that invites the receiver to open the link or to carry out the action immediately. Quality copy is essential.
  • Send at the optimal time. Keep in mind that if you make these shipments at times when the receiver is busy (for example, while at work) you will have much less impact than when the receiver is relaxed with their mobile device (ex. while on public transportation).

  • Be direct and to the point. Although we can send texts of up to 160 characters, people often shy away from reading long messages. It’s better to go straight to the point and leave the longer explanations for the landing page or the link.
  • Avoid abbreviations, since they make you look unprofessional. If you exceed the characters, simply use other words.
  • Make the receiver feel unique and special. Phrases like 'now that you have registered in our newsletter, we offer you the possibility of ...' or 'we invite you to the inauguration of our facilities ...' can help.

Keep in mind that to use SMS Marketing for agencies you will need to use a platform that sends the messages for you (otherwise it would be a very tedious job). When choosing a tool, pick one that best suits your needs and those of the company and the customers. There are many platforms that offer SMS to marketing agencies with various functionalities. In the case of LabsMobile, you can also create SMS landings for your clients since they are already optimized for mobile conversion.

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