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Create and customize your landings with dynamic content and send them through SMS

You may be wondering how you can create dynamic content, customize your landings and send them through SMS. You can improve the image of your company, optimize time, save money and build your customers’ loyalty.

In this article, we will explain how to create landings with dynamic content and all the different editing options you can use.

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Publication: 11.27.2019
Última modificación: 06.21.2022
Categories: SMS Marketing

Why customizing your landings

Customizing is ideal if you want to set criteria to track and be able to adapt the content as you wish. This way, you can send a campaign via SMS through a link to the landing you created and do a follow up of the product and the users’ reaction to it.

It’s a way of editing and being your own designer, so as to choose the different logotypes, modules, signs, and texts according to your needs.

How to create dynamic content with a customized landing

Now we will explain the six steps you must follow in order to create a customized landing:

1 Use templates with the different options to customize them

Thanks to the wide range of templates, you can choose the one that is best suited for your business and campaign, and also use the editor to adapt it to your needs.

2 Complete the information and save all changes

It is important to save all the changes and important information that you have included in the document. In order to so, first introduce the internal name of the landing, the title that will appear in the search engines, the description, the preview image, and the colors that will be applied to the modules.

3 Add or delete modules

Depending on the result you are looking for, adapt the modules to accommodate your needs. You can delete the modules that are not necessary to achieve your objectives or that are not of great value.

4 Customize the content of each module

It’s time to edit the content of the modules you have selected by taking into account the text, images, and signs. You can also modify the size and type of font, and also add signs inside the text.

5 Set the actions and links

You can link an action to an image or button, that is to say, you can add internal and external links. In addition, you can also activate the option of direct calls to the user’s device, the SMS with a specific text, and e-mails. Plus, there is the option of sharing the text through WhatsApp or opening a map through Google Maps.

6 Run a test

After following the previous steps, the time has come to test all the changes you have done. When you do so, make sure you save all the changes and that they are applied to the templates.

Create and customize your landings with dynamic content and send them through SMS

To sum up, customize your landings and you will get dynamic content of good quality so that your campaigns are a success. Plus, you get to be your own editor and customize the different modules and templates as you wish.

LabsMobile helps you through the whole process from creating your account, setting your first landings, importing your database, to running trials to create the best campaigns for your customers. You can also try the SMS option for free.

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