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Improve your editable SMS landings in LabsMobile with free tools.

Aug 19, 2019
Improve your editable SMS landings in LabsMobile with free tools.
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Editable SMS landings are an SMS marketing technique that consists of including a link in the message body. The chosen link accesses a web page or landing, which has been created exclusively for the campaign to be carried out. Campaigns that include SMS landing have two main advantages.

Advantages of SMS Landings.

On the one hand, one advantage is an increase conversion, since the opening rate is 98%. 

And the click rate, depending on the sector and chosen theme, can go as high as an 80% conversion.

On the other hand, it makes it possible to collect a large amount of information and key data from the recipients. For instance: the device they use to connect, their geographic location or clicks, among other interesting data that makes it possible to get better campaign results.

One of the SMS platforms that can be useful for your campaigns is LabsMobile. It allows you to attach links, schedule shipping, customize messages and easily reach a large number of people.

How does it work?

 It works in a very practical and simple way, since you only need to have an account and access the WebSMS application with your chosen name and password. Then you go to the SMSLanding section, and once there you can choose and customize the template according to your tastes and needs. More information here.

When sending messages you just select the template and then add the link in the text body of the SMS

 The best thing is that, once the campaign is launched, you will be able to check its evolution, taking into account the statistics and data obtained from each user.

Multiple templates from different sectors, editable for free.

In LabsMobile there is a catalog of free tools and templates from different sectors and with all the functionalities. If you want improve editable SMS you can do so by choosing a template and customizing it very easily.


This way you can send sms landings to take full advantage of mobile technology and enhance the user experience. Anyone registered with LabsMobile has unlimited access to the SMS Landing service.

Free tools useful for landing page design.

If you are looking to create a perfect landing page, some of the design tools you can use are Canvas, Unsplash, Illustrio, Color Hunter and BeFunky, among other free image pages.

 These options offer a wide variety of user-friendly features, and the results are really good.

In conclusion, it is advisable to use visual content since most consumers react more positively to images than to text. Additionally, more and more companies are embracing SMS technology to communicate more efficiently and professionally with pre-designed templates.