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Create a marketing plan for your online store

The Internet and technology, in general, are fundamental and irreplaceable components in people's daily lives. The time users spend in the digital world is increasing. For that reason, eCommerce is becoming more and more common.

These are virtual stores, which are dedicated to the sale of products or services on the web, without the need for a physical store. Customers can make their purchases from the comfort of their home, with their own mobile devices, and receive the products at home.

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Publication: 03.21.2022
Última modificación: 06.13.2022

The Internet, among all its advantages, offers a series of tools that can be used to develop a digital marketing plan. Like its traditional counterpart, it allows different objectives to be achieved, with the main purpose of improving the effectiveness of a company.

In this particular case, they are extremely important for eCommerce, since it is the platform where they work and digital media is the only way to grow.

What is a marketing plan?

As we mentioned, E-commerce is becoming common on the web. However, many of them are launched without a concrete plan. In some cases, they are half done, and others are based on intuition or other factors.

This does not mean that they are destined to fail, but it does mean that they will have less growth and will not be fully exploiting their full potential. This translates into a clear disadvantage compared to other competitors who have a well-developed marketing plan.

The marketing plan is a document, which details all the strategies, tools, and techniques that will be carried out to improve the effectiveness of the company. This plan can have different objectives, which depend on the needs or ideals of each online store.

Some possible goals include:

❖ Increased sales of products or services

❖ The successful launch of new products on the market

❖ Establishing the brand and creating a relationship of trust with customers

❖ Searching for new clients and/or attracting clients from competing companies

❖ Increased distribution of your store

❖ The creation of your market

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These objectives can be placed in a general way at first, and then quantified, that is, with concrete numbers. For example, "increase sales by 30% during the year", or "get 5% new customers each month".

When creating a marketing plan, certain factors must be taken into account, which will determine its possibilities and scope.

  • Budget: a marketing plan has its expense. You have to see it as an investment, which will bear fruit in the future. At first, you must decide the amount you are willing to invest, in any type of expense.
  • The staff: do you have people working in the store who are capable of carrying out a marketing plan? Or should you go to professionals outside your company?
  • The limits: here enter any factor that limits the plan, from lack of time, resources, money, personnel, etc. It is not a question of aspiring to an ideal plan if you do not have the tools to fulfil it.

Finally, at the end of the plan, there should be an executive summary. The different components of the plan are synthesized there so that you can refresh the main points, and so that third parties can read it quickly, such as your employees, colleagues, or even investors.

How is a marketing plan made?

A good marketing plan should cover different areas. The digital world is vast, and you must have a presence in as many sectors as possible to obtain the best possible results.

This will be determined by the factors previously explained. However, in an ideal marketing plan, the various areas are covered. 


The presence of the store in search engines is essential. All users use search sites, Google being the main one, for any search on the web. Without a presence on these platforms, customer acquisition will be next to impossible.

For this, there is search engine optimization or SEO. This consists of the use of keywords, or keywords, the perfect spelling, the design of both On-Page and Off-Page, and Link Building.

2 Social networks 

Social networks are platforms with millions of users. Ecommerce must have a mandatory presence on these pages. Thus, you will achieve subscribers, who can be transformed into clients, with content traffic and exposure to your brand.

The presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram creates a visual branding of your store, with the creation of advertising campaigns and promotions that become viral, reaching thousands and thousands of users.

3 Media

Hand in hand with social networks, audiovisual content must also be created, such as YouTube, Pinterest, or Instagram itself.

You will achieve greater visibility and content traffic related to your store. You can even use influencers to promote your brand.

4 SMS & Email Marketing

SMS mainly, and email, are channels of communication with ideal customers. Studies have determined that users prefer to receive information and communication with the company in this way. Sending SMSallows you to develop sales campaigns, surveys, user feedback, send urgent information, and more. Its great advantage is that it can be quantified in real-time, with openings, clicks, and conversion rates.

5 Blogs

It may have lost some popularity, but you should create your company blog, with the content of interest to users. This will increase interaction with customers, generate more traffic to your store, attracting new readers. You can also participate in other joint blogs and forums.

6 Paid Media or SEM

They are pay-per-click or PPC campaigns. The best known are Google Ads, advertising on YouTube videos, and Facebook. Although they are paid, the ROI, or return on investment, is analyzed to make them profitable.

An advertisement with Google will help you to be in the first place in its search engine, as well as the appearance in platforms that monetize your content with Google.

Create a marketing plan for your online store 

Don't waste any more time and make your marketing plan today to grow your business. With LabsMobile, you will have at your disposal all the tools you need to create and carry out the plan successfully if you decide to use SMS as part of your strategy. Contact us to know more!

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