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Copywriting tips to create successful SMS landing pages

SMS landings are one of the fundamental components of marketing campaigns through text messages. These are external links that are added to the SMS, which directs the user to a specific page that is optimized for mobile.

The Landing Page can have different purposes such as:

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Publication: 04.27.2022
Categories: SMS Marketing

  • Show a catalog of offers
  • Take the user to the complete online store
  • Show photos or videos of the products
  • Give information about payment methods

SMS Landing is aimed at mobile phones, so it must be designed so that it can be opened from a smartphone, with all the information well presented and organized.

Copywriting is a fundamental tool for creating successful SMS Landings. With good writing that is persuasive and correct, you can generate a successful conversion rate, as well as increase traffic for your company.

If you are about to launch an SMS marketing campaign with LabsMobile, and you want to add an SMS Landing, pay attention to the following tips to ensure positive results.

How to create a successful SMS Landing?

There are different tools that you can use in your favor to create an effective SMS Landing.

1 Target your message to a specific audience

An SMS Landing is aimed at a type of audience. You must know the profile of your clients, to create content that corresponds to their tastes or needs.

Different factors influence, such as age, gender, interests, previous purchases, etc. Segmentation plays a key role, to send different types of SMS Landing in different customer groups.

The title of the SMS Landing

The impact, at first sight, has a very high value. For this reason, the title of the Landing Page becomes important, since it is the first thing that users will see. It must be direct and generate impact, capturing attention instantly.

There are two main ways to approach a title. The first is in the form of a question. Thus, the user must answer in his head: "Are you looking for the best prices for your purchases?". The second option is to provide a solution, through the word “How”: “How to get the best discounts on your purchases”.

3 Brevity and directness

The idea of an SMS Landing is to keep it short and to the point, without going around in circles. The user will see it from a mobile, so it does not have to have too much additional information, nor does it produce visual fatigue.

4 Attractive call to action

The objective of all SMS Landing is to generate an action in the user. The most common is to increase sales.

You must generate interest and a need in the client, with striking words. “Don't miss out on the offers”, “Take advantage of the discounts”, and “Enjoy the limited promotion” are some examples. The important thing is that it makes an impact.

5 Put the most important information at the top

It is proven that the user's attention when entering any site is at the top of the screen. For that reason, the main information of the SMS Landing has to be on top.

The title and the first call to action must be placed in that sector in a mandatory way.

Copywriting tips to create successful SMS landing pages

From everything seen above, it is clear that SMS Landing is a key component in SMS Marketing campaigns. You will be able to show your customers a lot of extra information that can lead to loyalty, among other benefits. With LabsMobile, you can easily integrate your Landings and then send the messages quickly and massively.

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