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Communicate the reopening of your car shop in the containment phase and improve your car sales

The reopening of car shops to keep on selling cars with some normalcy is real today. After the temporary closure of these shops because of the pandemic (to ensure the safety of workers and clients), you need to think about strategies of marketing and publicity to make more income. 

Mobile devices are a key piece in our digital universe. For businesses and brands is an opportunity. With only a bit of creativity and innovation, mobile marketing is conceived as a useful tool for car shops to obtain better results and get to their clients in a new, more attractive way.

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Publication: 08.10.2020
Última modificación: 09.27.2022

Communicate the reopening of a car shop through mobile marketing

The progressive opening of every sales channel during these months goes hand in hand with a plan to reactivate sales and demand. The minimum sales need to be recovered. Between the months of January and April, the losses were even higher than foreseen.

The coronavirus crisis had a direct impact on the matriculation of vehicles in the month of March. They fell 69%, a situation that never happened before. Only 37.444 cars were sold in the whole month, according to data gathered by manufacturers and sellers. Until now, the lowest number in March had been in 2013, when 72.678 vehicles were sold. 

SMS Landings as a selling channel

The SMS Landing pages, small bits of websites designed to be seen on one’s mobile, will allow you to send an SMS through a link. This sales channel has proven to be very reliable. The increase in conversions is noticeable, while the open rate of SMS is 98% and clicks can reach up to 80%.

Next, we offer some useful advice to promote the reopening of your business by usingSMS with a very effective technique like mobile marketing. 

The car as a protective measure against contagions

Through sending SMS (which generates a great impact due to its immediacy and accessibility even without an Internet connection), you can recommend the purchase of a certain vehicle as a protective measure against contagions in the public transport.

You can send photos of some of the models available with phrases that encourage the use of one’s own vehicle. Using a car to go to work or other places reduces the risk of contagion. 

Communicate safety measures

With personalized sending of SMS, you have more options to produce an impact on your client. You can use an attractive template and inform them about safety measures that you car shop has established.

Besides, you can ask your clients to ask for an appointment. In this manner, you can send them a link to the platform of online bookings. So you prevent your sales personnel from having to manage them. 

Information about new plans, discounts, or promotions

Information about promotions, discounts, new plans, or help given by the government or other financial services is very valuable and useful. You can send an informative SMS that includes a link to a page that gives more information. 

When the receiver of an SMS enters the link, they can access the file and see the content using their mobile device. You can send images, videos, or text documents. The important thing is to catch your clients’ attention!

Communicate the reopening of your car shop

The reopening of car shops needs an important boost to recover. Make your SMS marketing message express clearly what you expect from your clients! Each business is unique, so you need to make the difference and be creative. 

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