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Collection Notice through SMS

Marketing has evolved due to the latest technological advances. The new elements allow for better communication between the company and the client. In this way, digital marketing was born. This process was made even quicker due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many businesses had to use new communication channels all of a sudden.

Among this situation, the lack of payment (or delay) from clients has become something common. One of the main reasons was the need to use money in emergencies, job losses, or even losing important sales dates, such as Mothers’ Day.

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Publication: 02.25.2021
Última modificación: 06.15.2022

Despite this, as a company, you should take care of people’s debts from users. For this, SMS are presented as a key tool.

Why use SMS for collection notices?

SMS are presented as an efficient digital marketing tool, above other alternatives such as phone calls or emails. This is because their open rate is above 90%. Their shortness also makes them easier to read (and quicker) and easier to remember.

Also, SMS allows for personalization and direct and quick communication with the client. Greeting the user by their name generates a positive reaction when compared to generic messages. Sending text messages is quick and massive, so the process is more agile and has a bigger reach. As they are short, they are more impactful and people don’t forget about the message. Lastly, they are more flexible for the client, who can have access to necessary information quickly and concisely.

Instead, emails:

  • Have a smaller open rate,
  • They are not instantaneous and it can take hours or even days to read them. 
  • They can also end up in the SPAM folder.

Phone calls, instead, have stopped working. People don’t want to pick up calls from unknown numbers so they ignore them or pick up to hang up instantly. Then, SMS are presented as an ideal option to make clients remember they have an upcoming payment. Companies usually have their databases with information of people who have debt, so they can use them to send quick and massive SMS.

Collection Notice through SMS

To generate a bigger impact, the message has to be concise and to the point, but also address each user personally. An example could be “Good day, Natalia, we remind you that your subscription is overdue, and the amount is $X”. It’s not necessary to add more information than that. 

As added value, you can add an external link in your SMS, with an additional document to a certain website. You can attach a bill with the subscriptions and overdue payments, or add a QR for digital payment. 

With LabsMobile’s platform for collection notice using SMS, you’ll have everything you need to make the task easier. You can let your clients know they have a debt in a quick, massive, and easy way. 

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